When my cousin Nancy introduced me to The Weeknd two years ago, he quickly became one of my favourite musicians! I downloaded his whole trilogy and to this day, I'm still listening to it!!!! Ever since then, I have been waiting for him to go on tour. When I found out that he was touring for the first time and coming to Toronto, Nancy and I had to get on that!!!

I took so many pictures to make sure I wasn't dreaming it all!!!!!! I told myself that I had to see him perform live before I die and I couldn't believe that I was finally able to check it off my bucket list!

This is perhaps one of my all-time favourite songs of his!!!

When I was snapping photos of him, I had to pause and literally soak in everything that was happening. I couldn't believe I was finally able to see him perform live after waiting so long!!!

Nancy and I were having the time of our lives belching out his lyrics and waving our arms in the air! He sounds exactly like he does on his albums! Amazinggg.

One of things I love is when artists talks to their audience between their singing and share the back story of what inspired them to write their music!

When he bowed down after his last song, Nancy and I were so confused??? It couldn't be done already, like are you serious! Everyone started screaming for an encore...


Nancy was the best concert partner I could ever ask for!!! I had such an unreal night and to thank her for showing me his music, I had to get both of us his classic tanks after the show!

Most importantly... I want to thank The Weeknd for creating music and changing my life!! (That actually sounds a little corny compared to what it sounded like in my head! Hahahaha) If you haven't bought his new album, Kiss Land yet, DO IT!!!!!!!