I woke up super happy today because...

It has been an annual tradition to celebrate her birthday in three parts and so the first part is treating her to dinner! My parents rarely go out to dine since they're always working and when they do -- they always go for pho!!! We ate there last year because she's the birthday girl and we were just obeying her rules but this year, my sister and I were just like... Yaaaa no.

My sister, Ryan and I introduced our family to Korean BBQ for the first time -- and the birthday gal loved it!!! Although we celebrated her birthday this past weekend, today is her actual birthday! 

The second part to her birthday was buying her roses! My sister always bought her a dozen roses every month for our dinner table but since it's her birthday, WE BOUGHT HER OVER 4 DOZEN ROSES TODAY! I think it was also the perfect time to buy them since the ones we have now looks like they're slowly dying...

The third part of her gift is a shopping spree that Ryan, Susie and I will cover!

Happy Birthday, Mommy! Thank you for being the best listener, cook, supporter, manicurist, mentor, friend, companion, wife, mom,

and for not drooling on the red velvet cake when you blew out the candles! xxx
Christina Solovjova said...

Awesome pics!

Christina Klein

Cindy Adores said...

Thanks love!! x