I couldn't have spent this day any better than hanging out with my best friend Thiya! We surprised Megan during her lunch hour today and it was sooo cute how she screamed when she saw us! She was completely speechless and kept touching us to make sure she wasn't dreaming! Cutest thing eva!!! She kept on insisting to buy us pizza for lunch and like yo, free food! We couldn't say no!! It was also adorable how some of my blog readers at her school came up to say hi to me too!!! Afterwards, Thiya and I made our way downtown to visit a few art galleries for my assignment, before dropping by...

By now, I'm pretty sure we all know how big of a macaron lover I am!!! When my friend, Jaey recommended Nadege to me this week, I really wanted to see what the hype was all about! To thank Thiya for joining me today, I treated the both of us! She admitted that after trying them, macarons are actually growing on her now!!! These were good and not to mention, soft! Out of all the macarons I had tried from different bakeries, I gotta say that La Bamboche still holds it first place in my heart!!

Before the sunset, we headed back to my place and ate a pot of macaroni and cheese while watching the latest episode of Vampire Diaries! It's always a memorable day when I get to spend it with Thiya and Megan! x