I actually think this is the first time where there is a family outing happening on Family Day! Linda invited Susie, Riri and I to watch the new Lego movie with her boys, Eli and Ethan! The movie was really cute but I kinda fell asleep half way through and woke up when baby Eli came to sit on my lap! He literally chilled on my lap like I was a beach chair with his arms propping up his head! Too cute! He is also getting to the age where he is aware that photos are being taken of him that he actually poses now. Just when I turned off my camera, I saw him posing for another photo with his finger stuck up his nose and a big smile on his face! Nooo Eli nooo!!! 

After the movies, my siblings and I made a pitstop at Woodbine center for bubble tea ...and that's when we realized how addicted we are to bubble tea this month. I'm not kidding. We just had it yesterday!!! It has come to the point where we consider it as our crack because we all get so giddy / ditsy / drunk / hyper after we drink it!! We checked out other bubble tea places too but we always find ourselves running back to this ghetto mall for their real fruit bubble tea!