I was going through the photos on my memory card and I realized that I ate at so many places last semester that I didn't blog about! These photos in this post were taken sometime in December when I spent the day catching up with my good ol' friend, Claudia!

We didn't get a chance to see each other much when school started since our schedules conflicted with each other, so it was really nice to finally catch up with her and hear about her new beau!! Hehehe

I remember the rain didn't stop us from having a great time shopping on Queen Street West! We were about to walk to Nadege afterwards to grab some macarons but we noticed Butter Avenue had opened up a new location from where we were!

We ended our day at Fresh off the Boat and it was so filling!! I still remember when the cashier asked us for our names for our orders, she confessed that her name was actually Cindy and she has a close friend named Claudia too!!! Freakaaay!