I met up with Claudia today for lunch and we tried out the sausages and fries at Wvrst! They actually have so many different varieties on their menu! I tried their vegan black bean sausage and their duck fat fries (which is basically fries that have been fried in duck fat oil instead of oil). Okay, so I haven't been strict with this vegetarian diet in the past few months. I have still been eating seafood.

I think the reason for that is because I really enjoy sushi and I just want to make it easier on my mom for when she cooks dinner. I think the only thing I've been sticking to is not consuming any beef, pork or chicken meat. Besides that, I haven't been that big of a picky eater with things like chicken broth or veggies being fried in the same pan as beef. So I did try the fries fried in duck fat and I'll be honest.... it tasted good but I literally felt like puking the whole day after eating that... :-( As of right now, I am unsure whether or not I will go back to my old diet because ever since this change, I have noticed many changes in my body (stronger nails, thicker hair, thicker lashes, thicker brows, way lesser acne, more energy etc.) so I guess I will just continue this pescatarian diet!

^^^ Me looking super attractive eating a hot dog. LOL

My day ended with picking up macarons at Delysees with Claudia and meeting up with Thiya for ice cream sandwiches at The Red Bench! What a great day well spent with my faves! :-)