My school decided to go on strike last Tuesday and I told myself that this would be my chance to get ahead on my school work! I was so motivated guys, I literally planned out what I would do each day after I finished my yoga practice in the morning. When the time came to actually do it, I would just tell myself that I can do it the next day. Since we will also be given extended deadlines once the strike is over, I know I will have time. In short, I've actually done no work since!! LOL

Instead of doing something productive for school, I've literally taken advantage of this time to apply for summer jobs, do yoga every morning and spend more time with friends. I know reality is going to hit soon but I'm just going to make the best out of this free time I have now!

I've also been eating a lot of sushi lately that I think soy sauce makes up 5% of my blood now!!
f said...

Your photos are pretty nice.