So after grabbing lunch with Joycelyn last Saturday, we both went our seperate ways since she had a family dinner and I had a date with Dannieeee!! Daniel asked me if I wanted to go bowling but I wasn't down to break any nails that day!! LOL

So insteaddddd, I suggested going to Dave & Buster's for our date and he was sooo down!! I was always underage to tag along when my siblings went, so I was really excited to go for my first time!

We basically loaded 375 chips onto our power card and spent about 2 to 3 hours playing arcade games! We each took a bucket to collect our own tickets ...and what I like about Daniel is that... he doesn't ever go easy on me when we play games together!! LOL

When we had a few chips left for one more game, I let Daniel use it and boyyyy did he make it worth it by winning (us) 500 tickets!!!! We combined our tickets and both claimed stuffed animals as a memorabilia! The night ended perfectly with dinner at Burger Priest, followed by a movie at my place!

I can't wait to see him next week!! We're gonna attempt to make sushi!!!!!! (Pray for us! LOL)