So for the past week, I've been resisting the urge to smile and laugh because I just felt so insecure about my teeth. It also made me realize what people meant when they said I'm "always smiling" because I didn't notice how I naturally did it until I was trying really hard to keep a poker face on!! LOL

The reason I was stopping myself is because I got a tooth implant done last Tuesday. The whole experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! My gums were bleeding and swelling a bit for the next few days but the fact that I finally got the surgery over with made the suffering worth it y'know?! One week later, I'm back to smiling again, eating normally again and just feeling like myself again! And that's not the only thing I'm really happy about... I JUST GOT TICKETS TO MIGUEL'S CONCERT IN AUGUST!!!!! AHHHHHHH eeeeee AHHHHH