After my positive experience at Moroco Chocolat last summer with Jess, I was excited to go back for their Summerlicious menu this year! This time around, we invited Maddy and Daniel to join us for lunch. It was actually Daniel's first time meeting my friends.. like about time right?! LOL

Before we met up with Daniel at the restaurant, Maddy and Jess were telling me how they had written down questions to ask him to see if he is qualified for me! I was just a teensy bit nervous of what they had in store for him! LOL

We sat on the patio, enjoyed the sun, and sipped on mimosas! I tried the signature truffled mac and cheese and definitely recommend it! I've always loved this comfort food, especially the Kraft Dinner one. After trying this version today, it made me realize that what I was having before doesn't even measure up to this goodness!!

Jess and Maddy admitted they were kidding about the questions they had planned for Daniel. I guess they didn't need it because they told me they approve of him! Yessss!! Haha