Last month, Daniel and I made a list of 20 things we wanted to do together this summer. It's actually really useful because it gives us a date idea every week!! So yesterday, we wanted to cross off "Visit Centre Island and ride tandem bikes" off our list!

I haven't been there in so long, so I was super excited to revisit! Once we hopped off the ferry, we grabbed a slice of pizza before heading to the amusement park! Since we both get free access to all the rides, we went on a bunch of them despite how kiddish they were. I think we were the most excited ones on all the rides! LOL

I was really looking forward to going on the bumper cars because I'm currently practicing for my g2 test. In other words, since I know how to navigate a car now, I wasn't stuck in the corner of the arena the whole time!! Woo hoo!!! LOL

We cooled off and had some funnel cake before heading over to the bike rental place. So initially, we were planning to rent a tandem bike together. After seeing that they also offered quadricycles for rentals, we decided to go with that option instead.

It turned out to be a more ideal bike for us because we were able to blast music, take photos while pedalling, lean back and hold hands! Daniel let me steer the wheel for a bit before taking over again because I almost rode us off the pavement. Like gosssshh, he just doesn't know how to live life on the edge sometimes!!! LOL

After taking the ferry back home, we joined Cody and Thiya for dinner at Patois! We ordered everything on their menu and spent the night screaming at each other (the place was just SO loud!). Nonetheless, it was a really good day with good food and good company! :-)

And I'm so happy I got to cross yesterday's adventure off our summer list!!! :-)