Since Joycelyn is finally back from California, we had to hang out and enjoy what's left of summer together!! We spent our afternoon catching up over brunch at Golden Turtle and having blueberry/waffle ice cream at Sweet Olenka's!

We somehow ended up in Yorkville after and wandered in and out of retail stores, before walking by the Andy Warhol exhibit! I was so surprised that we came across it because I remember how I wanted to check out this place after seeing it on my Instagram newsfeed!

Art history was actually one of my favourite courses in University and pop art was the decade I enjoyed learning about the most! With that said, I was really excited to finally check out this exhibition!!

There were so many amazing pieces on display that the little touristy me had to get a photo with almost every artwork!!! LOL

There were so many people watching me as I tried to imitate that artwork above! So embarrassing!!! LOL

I don't think my day ever go as planned when I'm hanging with Joycelyn but it's always a good time regardless! I can't wait to go to CNE with her and the girls this week!!!