Daniel and I have been planning to go to the AGO all summer and I'm glad that we were finally able to check it off our summer list last Friday!! Before heading to the gallery, we grabbed lunch at The Big Slice!

I heard about this place through the images I've seen people post on instagram! Thing is, I actually find that Daniel and I have been expressing our cravings for pizza to each other every now and then. With that said, we were both looking forward to our date! I mean, seeing each other is exciting too but let's be real... pizza is the bomb!!!! LOL

Those instagram images I saw definitely did not exaggerate the size of these ginormous slices! The cheap lunch and free admissions to the gallery made for a very budget-friendly and memorable date that day!! ;)

Once we entered the gallery, I told Daniel to go find and show me his favourite artwork. Within a few seconds, he declared that his favourite one was the first painting we saw when we turned the corner! I couldn't tell if he was serious or not but he did spend a good few minutes admiring it! LOL

Although I've been to the art gallery before, I find that there's always something new to admire in their permanent showcase when I visit again!

I'm not sure if they recently opened up a cafe there but when I saw their sign that gelato was being offered in the building - I had to get myself a scoop! I've been having gelato so often this summer that I think my love for it is almost as big as my love for macarons!! Just thinking about it makes me want some right now. LOL

After I devoured it (and was nice enough to share with Daniel...),  we continued exploring the rest of the gallery! We were both really intrigued about the spirally staircase and had no idea that it would lead us to an access for another floor!

After exploring the highest floor we could go, we had dinner at this cute ramen place, called Ryu, which Daniel mentioned he wanted to check out before!

The more I hang out with this guy, the more I find myself falling for him!!! (Help.) I'll be honest... before we even started dating, I used to wonder how couples could not get bored of each other?! Now that I'm with Daniel, I find that there are so many places I want to explore and show him!