Now that I'm a student teacher, it has been hard to gauge the amount of work I have to do each week! I find myself spending at least 3 hours marking assignments, thinking constantly what my next lesson will be, and making sure I have material for my grade six math club! It has certainly been an eye opening experience so far and I'm learning a wholeeee lot.

Besides school, there were so many exciting and fun things that happened since the last time I blogged!!
  • I finally passed my G2 test!
  • I went to fear fest for the first time and almost pooped my pants.
  • I helped my sister move into her new home last weekend!
  • I received the news that I can remove my retainer in two weeks!

  • I made homemade sushi with Daniel for the first time!
  • I learned that my cousin from Vietnam is coming to Toronto, this Friday, for school and staying at my place in the meantime!!! Can't wait to meet her for the first time!

And lastly, I got to hang out with my friend, Vivian, who I haven't seen since I left my job at the CN Tower! We checked out El Catrin in Distillery District last week and had so much to catch up on!!

After dinner, we explored downtown with our chunky cameras! I really enjoy hanging out with other photographers because it makes me feel less weird when I'm taking photos in public! LOL

I'm so happy that she extended her Visa because there are still so many places I want to show her in the city!!!