So back in the day, I didn't understand why people would go out to eat a bowl of ramen when they can easily make it at home with a pack of noodles from the chinese supermarket?!

After trying Kinton Ramen for the second time with Jeremy and Vivian last week, I realized that it doesn't taste the same as making it as home -- just like how it isn't the same as eating my mom's pho or homemade sushi! In other words, I know I wouldn't go that extra step of putting corn and seaweed in my homemade bowl!

With that being said, now I understand why people would go out and eat ramen... 'cause you either find that it tastes better ...or you're just lazy like me!!! :)

After catching up on each other's lives and filling up on noodles, we all groaned about how full we were ...BUT LET'S BE REALLL, there's always have room for dessert!!

The three of us checked out this asian gelato place for the first time! There were so many exotic flavours to choose from (like red bean white chocolate and whisky green tea) that I wanted to try all the flavours they had!

Oh yeah, Jeremy thought he was so clever with his pose because he's holding a bottle of gunpowder tea leaves! Hahaha