Happy new year, guys!!! I hope that 2016 is starting off well for you and that you are still continuing your resolutions! My resolution this year is to have a fatter wallet.. and well.. a fatter butt would be nice too!! LOL

I had my new year's kiss in Montreal this year, so that was pretty exciting!! I still haven't gotten around to sorting those photos yet and seeing if there are any worthy ones to share. But in the meantime, I have finished choosing my favourite photos that I took at the aquarium last week!!!

I actually visited the aquarium for the first time two years ago on new years with my cousins! I had no intentions of going back there again because I just felt like it was one of those things where going once was enough y'know??

But when Daniel told me he has never been to the aquarium, I knew I had to take him! I just feel like if you live in Toronto, you have to check out all the tourist attractions our city has to offer. Plus, it's always so much fun going on adventures with him!!!

He had no idea where we were going after we had our fancy gourmet dinner at Maker's Pizza. When we arrived at the front steps of the aquarium, he just looked at me in awe!! (So cute! Umf.)

It was a good thing we went there on a random weekday because there was barely anyone there! We didn't have to squeeze our way in between people and we got to hover in front of the glass cases for as long as we liked!

Here are a few of my favourite photos gathered from both of our cameras! The upside to dating a photographer is that you get double the amount of photos to choose from! Heh heh heh

The both of us were trying so hard to get a still picture of the smiling sting ray! And the moment I decided to turn my camera to take a photo of Daniel, a sting ray finally held still and photobombed! LOL

It was also such a struggle trying to take and edit photos of these neon jellies. But who would've thought this would end up being our favourite photo of the night!! :)