Guys! I want to apologize for the unexpected one month hiatus!!! I've been so consumed with placement these past few weeks ...that I would feel guilty if I didn't spend my time marking work or planning lessons!!!

Initially, I thought I was only going to be a student teacher for the class I was working with at the beginning of the year.

I ended up being assigned to two grade six classes (70 kids in total!) at the last minute because my friend had medical things to take care of. I'm not even upset because it was out of her control.

I'm not exactly sure how I survived, but I finally finished my placement over a week ago! It has been such a wonderful learning experience!!!!!!! :)

There is also another reason why I haven't been blogging... I was starting to lose interest in photography and thinking about selling my DSLR for a point and shoot camera. :(

I finally realized that the real reason why I was deterring from photography was because I've gotten super annoyed with people re-editing my photos and/or not crediting me at all! At the end of this summer, I am done with accepting offers for shooting events. No mo! Finito! NUH UH!

I'd much rather be taking photos for my own memories. :)

With that being said, I seriously cannot wait to capture the memories from my sister's destination wedding in six days!!!!!!!!! It's going to be super exciting and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!

So stay tuned, ok? :)