Last year, Daniel and I checked out Front Street Foods and were overwhelmed with all the options they had! After a tough decision, we went with the lobster roll and snow crab fries from Fresh Off the Boat. When I found out that this food market was returning this summer, I knew I had to go and try the other contenders I had on my list last year!!!

I asked Jess, my Australian friend who recently moved here, to join me! Okay... so I thought I knew what I wanted to try before I got there... but I realized they had new vendors this time around! After a lot of debating, we decided to go for the sushi burrito from Fish'd and chowdah fries from Jake's Lobster.

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect with the sushi burrito. The idea sounded really cool at first. After biting into it, I realized that it was basically a giant hand roll. As for the chowdah fries, I would definitely order that again. :)

We obviously couldn't leave without trying the super hyped up dessert at Chimney Stax! To our surprise, the bread was actually a bit hard to bite into. It did taste good though, but I'm not sure if I would order it again. With the ice cream melting so quickly and the "stax" being so stiff, I don't think it was worth the price we got it for.

Daniel and I actually lined up for Arctic Bites a few weeks ago. We ended up leaving with nothing, since we were tight on time. So when I saw that Ice Cream Rolls were offering something similar, I had to get it!

The guys there obviously didn't care about food aesthetics as much as Arctic Bites do, but the blueberry and strawberry ice cream still tasted great!

After spending three hours eating together, we walked to Sugar Beach! It was both of our first time there and I don't know what's a better word to describe it other than ....cUUuUte!!!! LOL

We were both wishing we had our bathing suits that day, but the weather did not look promising before we left the house. My goal is to come back to tan next time!!!

Gosh, the sand there really made me miss my Mexico trip.

Speaking of that, I've been procrastinating hard on blogging about my vacation. I'm just not ready to look through all the photos and be reminded of all the good times I had. I guess you could say I have the post-vacation blues ...even though it was a short trip... but STILL!!! LOL

Don't worry guys, I promise it'll be up soon!