I'm so happy that Camille is doing her internship in Toronto this semester because we got to celebrate our birthdays together this year!! We had dinner at Pickle Barrel last night and saved room for dessert at Demetres. 😉

Before the waiter served Camille her red velvet cheesecake, the cafe played the happy birthday song on the PA system. Camille was dying, while Joy and I were living for it and went crazy with our cameras. 😂

Now that Camille and I are both 22 years old, I can't help but think about how long we've been friends. I can still recall the first time meeting her in the washroom in grade one. I wanted to be her friend after hearing all the teachers talk about what a great person she was. I remember asking her for her name (even though I was a lil' creep and knew who she was already! heh heh) while we were both washing our hands. Throughout the year, we would keep bumping into each other in the washroom and would share our disgust over the nasty toilet paper that was stuck to the ceiling in there. 😂

Once we were allowed to hang out in our neighbourhood without any supervision, we would meet up at the basketball court almost everyday! I moved away in grade seven, but we still saw each other every summer. 😀

Despite going to different schools, we continued keeping in touch over the years and knew that we were just one call away if we ever needed each other! Given that our friendship has lasted for all these years, I truly believe that we will be best friends forever!!! ☺️  I can't wait until the day our kids start playing with (or dating) each other!

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