So last weekend, my cousin had a tea party with her friends to celebrate her birthday! She shared photos of the occasion on her Instagram and I was immediately intrigued about this high tea place that she visited.

I messaged my friend, Alpha, and asked her if she was down to check out this place the following weekend. She told me that she actually went by this tea room the day before and saw a huge group of girls taking photos outside of the place. I showed her my cousin's photos and she told me that it was those girls that she saw!!!! Whatta small world!

We also asked Tina and Rosa to join us for afternoon tea yesterday!! It was actually our first time hanging altogether without our boyfriends. 😀

Time flew by so quick! We chatted about our career paths, discussed possible names for our kids, devoured finger sandwiches, sipped on tea and took a wholeeee lotta pics!! 😄

Speaking of sipping on tea, I drank SO MUCH tea yesterday. After I hung out with the girls, Daniel and I went for pho in the evening ...and I had tea there. Before he dropped me off home, we went to Chatime ...and I had (bubble) tea there. I guess you can say that I had a tea-rrific day!!!!! 💛✨