Last week, Daniel and I did a double date with Alpha and Dillon at Pursuit OCR! This indoor obstacle course used to be located downtown, but now they opened a bigger location that's 10 minutes away from me! 

Alpha and I quickly realized that a lot of things required upper body strength, which we both agreed we didn't have.

Our boyfriends were super encouraging though and made sure we tried the monkey bars and hanging rings, instead of just falling into the foam blocks right away. I'm not even going to lie, my arms were sore for the past two days from all of this. LOL

I actually first heard about this place through BlogTO, so I had an idea what to expect. I was particularly looking forward to the giant ball pit and the tricycles.

The ball pit turned out to be the most tiring obstacle! It took Alpha and I a good 10 minutes to get out of there after we jumped in. I gave up at one point and told her to just go on without me and keep my camera. She was like, "NO CINDY!!!" LOL 

Sucha great friend!

There was also this sloped wall that Daniel and Dillon couldn't get enough of. Daniel was so salty that I didn't record him making to the top, since it took him almost 10 tries. Oops! LOL