Daniel and I were a lil' late in checking out this lavender farm, but it's better late than never right! 😀 This place was all the rage for the past two years, so we were excited to see what the hype was all about!

I think it's almost harvest time because the lavenders weren't as vibrant, fragrant or plentiful as we had hoped. Nonetheless, they were still beautiful close-up!

We got bored after 20 minutes and that's when I realized we like to get something tangible if we have to pay an admission fee. This is probably why we enjoy apple picking. There wasn't much to do here, besides taking photos for Instagram.

People were even willing to line up in this hot weather to take a photo with this yellow door! Daniel was smart and just took a photo of it on the other side! LOL

Their lavender ice cream was definitely the highlight of our trip though!

To keep up with our outdoorsey day, we went kayaking afterwards! We enjoyed our experience here so much more. It was our first time, but Daniel acted like a know-it-all because he watched one YouTube video on how to paddle! LOL

He also sat behind me in our shared kayak, so he could see when I wasn't putting any work in. LOL I thought I could get away with it, like how I did with the tandem bike we went on in Vancouver.

Speaking of Vancouver, we're going back next month!!!