Hey guys!! I hope you're all taking it easy during this time of the year. This is the first time my work is giving us two weeks off for the holidays, so I've just been here catching up with friends and on sleep!

Since there were a lot of things going on this month, from attending parties to recovering from colds, Daniel and I felt like we didn't get to spend that much quality time together. We decided to carve out time this past Friday to go on a date!

Daniel and his selfie taking skills. HAHA

We started our day with a Vietnamese brunch at Rustle & Still Café. Daniel tried their signature coffee and char siu sandwich, while I had their vegan sandwich. I can already see my mom judging us for paying for overpriced banh mi... but it's the experience mommm! LOL

The behind-the-scenes of us trying to get a decent flat lay photo. LOL

After we devoured our sandwiches, we explored the shops in Koreatown. We popped into Cuppa Tea and tried their Hong Kong-style milk tea and pastries. It's such a funny coincidence how we were having food from each other's country that day.

After spending half the day eating, we decided to check out Pew Pew Toronto to see if they were accepting walk-ins because they weren't answering their phones??? We heard glowing reviews about this shooting range from our friends, Shawn and Rosa, so we were stoked when there was availability that day!

Even though I have zero experience with air soft guns and questionable hand-eye coordination, our instructor was very patient and kind. We had the chance to try out four different guns!

The place is split up into different zones, with each zone increasing in difficulty. Well... I'm sure Daniel found all the zones easy because he was killinggg it. It would take me almost a minute to hit all of the targets down, while it usually took him less than 10 seconds!!! The instructor said he's in the 90th percentile. Insane.

It was actually comforting to know that my man can protect me from any danger!! :-) Make sure you check out my Instagram stories/highlights to see how we did!