Tandoori Fried Chicken Mac & Cheese and Sisig Mac Lettuce Cup
For Valentine's Day this year, Daniel and I did a double date with one of our favourite couples, Rosa and Shawn! We checked out the annual Mac & Cheese Festival in Mississauga and oh boy, it did not disappoint.

We were so happy with how short the line-ups were, how there were board games for us to play, how great the live performances were, how much seating there was and how there were so many unique variations of mac & cheese!

Pogo Waffles and Raclette Mac & Cheese
We shared eight dishes among the four of us, and that wasn't even half of what they offered there. I really enjoyed the flavours in the Tandoori Fried Chicken dish, while Daniel drooled over the jerk chicken one. Rosa liked the Seoul-ful Tots’n’Macs, which had tater tots as a base, and Shawn raved about the birthday cake pogo waffles!

Seoul-ful Tots’n’Macs
I also tried an empanada for the first time, which had me wondering where it has been all my life?! I loved it!! Now I'm scared that I won't taste another one that's feta (heh!) than that one.

We thought it was such a well-organized event, which made it a grate (hehe) experience! I'll definitely consider checking out this festival again next year.

I can't believe this is our sixth Valentine's Day together! I tried making a sweets "charcuterie board" for him this year, and it was so cute to see his reaction. He also knows the way to my heart, like bringing me a dozen roses and saving me a boba ice cream bar! So gggoud-a.. (LOL ok, I'm done now)