Thanks to my sister, I finally own a plant I can't kill! I can't believe this year marks my 10th charm.

Hey guys! I want to start off by saying thank you!!! From birthday wishes to Cheesecake Factory dishes and gift cards to gift boxes, you guys made me (and my three-year-old niece!) feel so loved. 

I know I've been MIA on here since the new year. I've been spending that time doing a lot of inner work to find self-love. Truthfully, I felt this inner turbulence and had many self-doubts in the last year. I decided to dissect all the thoughts that ticked me, scared me and lingered on my mind constantly. I questioned my emotions, reactions, possessions, ambitions and even my UV protection! I became honest with myself to understand the root of this mindless chatter in my head and figure out what brought me real joy. 

I soon realized that self-love (and inner peace) comes from forgiving myself; accepting life situations; practicing self-care; being conscious of my inner dialogue; and setting boundaries. The most liberating feeling was noticing how the opinions of others started to hold less weight, once I started liking the person I am becoming. Without the need for external validation, I found gratitude in my my external circumstancessupportive relationships, fulfilling career, strong body and past experiences.

Moving forward, here are the four mindsets that I want to take with me as I enter this new age.

  • Being present is better than being productive. We're human beings, not human doings.
  • Failure isn't real. Consider it as lessons, wisdom, redirection and growth.
  • Moving the body daily is non-negotiable. No one ever regrets working out. 
  • You are worthy of all the things that you want. Entertain the thought that success is guaranteed in everything that you do. 

Thanks for coming to my TED talk guys!