I was so excited to finally take the kite out with my niece this weekend! Thank goodness Mya is at an age where I don’t have to worry if she will fly away.

It was very easy to assemble but did take a bit of time to figure out how much slack it needed. Once we got it up and away, it was a matter of holding on tight. I actually had no idea how much running there would be! I knew you had to jog a bit to get it going, but little did I know my niece would keep letting go. Girl only had one job! LOL

Despite all the running, I would 10/10 do this again to see her excitement! I also highly recommend this Dollarama kite.

Here are my tips if you’re a first time kite flyer:

  • Set up your kite at home (my instructions flew away at the park)
  • Have someone (that’s at least three years old) to help you out 
  • Make sure your kite has enough slack 
  • Avoid holding onto the string to prevent cuts
  • Wear running shoes and SPF (!!)