I realized I’ve done a bit of travelling these last six months. From New York to Miami to Jamaica, I’m in my jet-setter era!

I also realized I’ve been awful at keeping my blog up to date. I have a lot to catch you guys up on, but let’s start with my most recent trip as this was a blog post I anticipated in writing when I first started this blog over ten years ago.

So last month, Daniel and I spent a week in Jamaica for Camille’s destination wedding. I feel so incredibly lucky and proud to be able to call Camille my friend for over two decades. 

Gracious, loving, brilliant, fearless, hardworking, and loyal are just a few words to describe her. To know Camille is to know she’s all of these and so much more. She wants all the good things for everyone around her and deserves it all in return.

I find myself trying to channel my inner Camille whenever I feel like giving up during a run, suffering from imposter syndrome at work, or hesitating about merging lanes. It’s impossible to not feel inspired to strive for more when you have her in your corner.

When Camille first told me she was seeing someone, I was quite hesitant in meeting them. In my eyes, no one could ever be good enough for my friend but I knew Camille’s moral compass is fine-tuned so I trusted the process.

Chidi, I knew you were special to Camille when I noticed you’re the only other thing, besides rollerblades, she would feature on her Instagram feed. I can see how Camille’s light continues to shine brightly when she’s around you, and how you’re able to put her at ease in any situation. I do like to think no one can make her laugh as much as me though but you're coming close.

I know Camille’s heart will be safe with you because you’ve shown us over and over again that you’ll do anything it takes to make her the happiest girl and that’s all I can really ask for.

Camille, from watching you try on wedding dresses to cruising down the streets of Miami in a convertible together to singing our hearts out to bad gal Riri, what a privilege and honour it is to be able to play a role in your happiest day.

Here’s to more decades of laughing and dancing (and happy crying) together. Wishing you both endless blessings and happiness always.