My Dead Flowers

Joycelyn hung out at my house yesterday - the place where we usually hang out at! Hahaha :-) We buried my dead flowers at the park, under a tree. So sad, so sad! Ms. famoosh, you will never be forgotten! Luckily, I got a new pencil holder, thanks to my dead flowers! After burying my flowers, we went for slushies! After that, we played in my backyard and I painted my toe nails! :-) Joycelyn painted a clear coat over her nails, I taught her how to do html, we looked at blogskin layouts, we danced, we sang and we ate! :-)

With the Girls

Yesterday was the make up day for last week's movie! :-) Instead of watching a movie, we decided to go to Eaton Centre and shop around! We tried on dresses at Forever 21, got cute headbands, ate Dairy Queen's ice cream and got cute tank tops!!! :-)

After Eaton Centre, Jen and Joycelyn came over my house! Camille had to go home but, she said she'll come over next week! :-) When we arrived at my house, we went to my backyard to play! We made cute clips of us having fun and took many pictures! Hehehe :-)


Today was fabulous with my JCJC girlies!!! :-) It's always fun with them! We laugh like every two minutes, took a million camera/webcam pictures, and went on a shopping spree... in Metro!

We ate like crazy - like we were gonna hibernate the next day...

modeled in my backyard and then we made our way over to the park! :-)

We swung so high on the swings,

made a choo choo train down the slide,

raced each other in Mario Kart,

and ended our day back on my bed taking pictures! :-)

Mario Kart

Joycelyn came over yesterday! She came with me to get my Mario Kart game for my Wii! When we got back, we chilled at the park! :-) I ♥ Joycelyn's heart sunglasses!!!

(Click on the picnik collage to view it bigger!)

We didn't take that many pictures at the park since it started raining like half an hour later! Mario Kart was so fun! I can't wait until next week when Jen, Camille and oycelyn come over to play with me! :-) I'm gonna kick some butts! I want someone to come over and play with me tomorrow but everyone seems busy. Well that reminds me, I'll give Joycelyn a call and see if she could come over tomorrow! :-)

I'm really scared of changing in high school! I know everyone changes. I just hope only my appearance change and not my inner beauty and that I still remember my beliefs and values! :-)