Twizzlers Taste Better

Joycelyn came over this week!
It was my first day hanging with her for the summer! We did our typical things - biking to Metro, buying junk food, taking pictures and laughing! Hehehe :-)

We got Coca Cola slushies and a big bag of Nibs! I practically ate the whole bag... :-)

After the park, we went home and she taught me how to braid! I know how to do the french braid now! Well, the way I do it is actually known as the
dutch braid! Haha She also taught me how to do the waterfall braid, thanks Joy! :-)

Sherway with the Girlies

Today was a lovely day, the weather wasn't too hot or too cold. I spent the day at Sherway Gardens with my school friends! We had a great time hanging out, shopping and eating. :-) It finally feels like Summer!

We tried on cute dresses at Abercrombie, looked for bikinis and bought jewelry! I got a cute feather necklace at Aldo Accessories and a ring for my bestie's birthday! :-)

After all the shopping, we went to eat! Haha :-)

The three of us went for Manchu Wok and the others got McDonalds and a Mediterranean dish - I forgot the name of the restaurant! Hehehe :-)


While we were eating, my friend Anna realized she didn't have her cellphone with her!! I went with her to the last places we were at when she did have her cellphone but unfortunately, we didn't find it! I kept calling and texting it to see if anyone would respond and finally someone did! The security had it! I think no one took it since she locked her phone and what can you really do with a locked phone?! The lesson here is, lock your phone guys!!!

After that mission, we went to the apple store and took some photos! The other girls were on their way to meet up with us again. :-)


The day ended perfectly with delicious Yogen Fruz! :-)


Thanks for a fun day guys!!! After today, my horrible week is starting to get better! :-)

Susan's Convocation

It was my sister's convocation on Monday!
Wow! Time went by so quick, she's already graduating! Here are a few pictures we took, before we left for her ceremony
! :-)

I think I was more excited than she was for her graduation! Hahaha :-)


When we arrived, we hung around the main hall before we were allowed inside the banquet. It was so hard to find good seats in there, we ended up sitting behind this grouchy lady! Blah! We got some pretty decent pictures of my sister though! 


We were all anticipating for her to come out! 

She graduated with distinction which meant her overall average for her 4 years there was over 80%!!! That also means that my parents are expecting the same from me now!

Our little graduate, all fancy in her gown! :-)


Here are some family pictures! I think this is the first time you guys get to see pictures of my parents!


My sister received three dozen roses that day!She thought she wasn't going to get any since my parents and I lied how we weren't going to buy her any. Hahaha :-)


After the ceremony, we had dinner at Mandarin! :-)

Congratulations Susan!!!

Long Hiatus

Hey guys!!! I'm finally back, after a five months hiatus! I stopped blogging regularly when the new year started, since I started becoming more busy with work and school! Don't worry though, I'm back for the summer!!! :-)

A lot of things has happened to me over the past five months! I got a new Blackberry Curve (my first cellphone!!), my grandma came back from Vietnam, my room got renovated, I got a haircut, lost weight, sister graduated, daddy quit smoking and I learned how to make friendship bracelets! Stick around for more!!!