Green Fence

My cousins left today, after two weeks of fun! I hate when they leave, I always get that strange feeling like something's missing, y'know? Luckily, I still have these lovely pictures that we took these past few days to look back on! :-) On the first day they came over, we went shopping and then hung out at the park!

There were so many nice pictures we took that day, it was so hard to just choose a few!

We had to take so many attempt photos to get a perfect shot of us jumping at the same time, on time! I still don't know when to jump on time for my camera timer, after all these years of jumping!

After taken so many pictures, I've learned that the pictures with the sun setting in them usually turn out to be the best pictures! :-)

After the park, we went to Metro to stack up on some food for the next few days!!! :-)

I still have so much I want to share, so keep checking back for more this week!!! :-)

Rainbow Bits

My little cousins came over last weekend and we baked mini cupcakes! Well, it was more like my sister and I baked them and they helped us eat it! I didn't mind though, since they're so cute!!! Hehe :-)

The cupcakes turned out perfect! They're coming back next week for more! Nancy and Lisa are sleeping over this week, we're going to have so much fun!!! :-)

Vietnamese Noodles

We hung out at Megan's house today!
Our day simply consisted of jumping on the bouncy castle, riding bikes, hanging at the park, walking up hills,

making fruit smoothies, eating her yummy spring rolls,

enjoying a bowl of vietnamese noodles,

and sour keys! :-)

Thanks for inviting us over Megan!

Banana Cupcakes

Yesterday Jen came over and we made banana cupcakes! It was so, so tasty! I got the recipe out of this new book I bought at Homesense!

I also got a new mini muffin pan at Homesense that actually fits in my small oven!

 I had left over Betty Crocker's cake mix, so we used that and kinda did our own twist on the recipe! It still tasted good! If any of you are interested in our recipe, feel free to ask me!

While our cupcakes were baking in the oven, we enjoyed a fruit salad! :-)

Before we knew it, our cupcakes were ready. These were actually the best cupcakes I ever made! Look at them all golden brown!

The scent of vanilla and banana was so heavenly! They were so moist on the inside!

For the icing, we used peanut butter and topped it off with a slice of banana! We tried to decorate the cupcakes with these tips I got but the peanut butter wasn't smooth enough to go through the hole! We used a butter knife to put on the icing instead! Haha

I think we did a pretty decent job, they tasted better than they looked!!! :-)

After baking, we biked around my neighbourhood and took pictures!

The sky was acting kinda weird, there were dark clouds over our heads one minute and the next, it was super bright!

There were so many near-death experiences yesterday since we went on such great heights for nice pictures!

 I showed my daddy the pictures of the cupcakes I made and he was sad that I didn't save him one! I actually made another batch for him that night and he ate half of them! :-)