Today I spent my day finishing my art assignment! She assigned it to us a month ago and I haven't really started until now. I should really stop leaving things last minute!

Our assignment is simple this time, all we have to do is pick a quote, write it in calligraphy, and draw a picture of what the quote reminds us of. I picked a quote by Andy Warhol but I only used the first five words.

Before I started, I covered the table with my mom's magazines and printed lots of pictures for inspiration!

Since I really suck at calligraphy, I came up with a great idea... :-)

I traced the letters of the quote on my good sheet to use as a guide when I ink and it came out perfect! :-)

After I finished inking, I started on my picture!

It took me a while since I didn't know what to draw and I wanted to include as many details as possible.

After a few hours... this is what i came up with!

First Week at Co-op

If you really knew me, you would know I had always wanted to be a teacher! This year, I decided to take co-op at a teaching position to see if I would enjoy it. I honestly look forward to going there! :-)


The kids are so friendly and they smile so big when they see me in the class! :-) I got placed in a grade one class with a teacher who loves arts and crafts, just like me! The surroundings is so different compared to high school, like how they actually sing the words to O'Canada, sit on the carpet, have snack time and recess!


I missed my school's pep rally that day but it's okay...


because i got to make jewellery out of froot loops after recess! :-)


They're learning about my patterning and Ms. J thought it would be fun
if we made something educational and edible! :-)


There was definitely a lot of munching during the process!