Alpine House

School has been pretty quiet this week since most of the grade nines and some of the grade 11s and 12s went to Muskoka Woods! I kind of wish I went but at the same time, I'm so content with staying here... :-)

since I finally got to start the art project I've been anticipating since grade 10!!! :-) The first thing you have to do is choose a landscape photo! Have I mentioned that my art teacher always lets me break rules?


She let me do a photo of a building! Hehehe :-) After choosing a photo, you would paint the similar hues in the photo using water colour paint. Afterwards, you would cut them into any sizes and shapes! (Those two dozen funky scissors my sister got me over the winter break totally came in handy for this project!! Whew!)

Am I crazy for choosing to do tiny shapes!? I just think that the more tinier, the more detail ...the better. :-) Once you cut them out, you have to replicate the image using the pieces and it would create this beautiful collage effect!

My pieces were so tiny that my teacher didn't believe I would finish in time for today's due date... but of course I did! I didn't care how late I would have to stay up for it since I was enjoying myself. :-)

She was pretty much speechless! She also told me I was the first to change it up and make use of the wood by leaving my door blank... or you could just say I got tired at that point... :-)

Thanks for everyone's kind comments today, I REALLY appreciated it. I also really need a signature before I turn 18! I didn't know how to sign my artwork but my friend Alexa gave me the perfect idea of sticking my water colour hearts at the back! Hah! :-)

 In my last blog post, I received a few Facebook messages, tweets and texts.. asking what I meant at the end of that blog post! So last week I hung out with Jen and told her I needed some sort of change to welcome adulthood! Ya know?

I told her that when she sees me next week for my birthday, I will look different. Somehow!!! After making a decision (that I never thought I would follow through) and persuading my father,

I dyed my virgin hair and trimmed it! :-) I know dying kills the hair but my hair has never felt this healthy and bouncy in a while. So in love.

I never thought I would love any other hairstyle than the one I had previously ...but yeah right!!! :-)

This haircut was to mark my transition into adulthood...
but my sister said I still look like I'm 10 with it!!! AH.. great!

Liebster Award

Ever since the New Year started, I have been trying my best to update often! I'm averaging at 3 posts a week!!! Moreover, I finally fixed and enabled the comments for each blog post! :-)

I was so surprised to see the number of readers I have that are outside of my social and school groups and the lovely comments they leave! I really do read and appreciate all of them and try my best to respond to each one. In my last blog post, Kim from Kim's Little Corner left me a comment saying how she nominated me for the Liebster Award!

 I was so flattered to be nominated for an award.. with such a cute title!!! In all honesty,


After reading about it on her blog and doing a bit of research, I have concluded that it's not an actual award and there are no judges! Hahaha It's basically a tagging game which helps expose up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers! :-) The rules seem to vary from blog to blog but they all seem to follow the same gist.

Answer 11 questions given to you by your nominator.
Share 11 facts!
Nominate 3 - 11 blogs and notify them.
Ask the nominees 11 new questions!

 Here are the 11 questions that have been asked by my nominator!


What was the last thing you ate?
I just ate some mango and a slice of the banana bread my dad brought home! His customers are always giving him baked goodies... which are actually given to me! Hah! :-)

Who was the last person you spoke to and what about?
I actually just spoke to my dad... complaining how he always gives me false hope when he says he'll "trim" my hair. His trim is like trimming ...x5!!!

If you could live anyone's life for one day who would you be?
Could it be a guy? I would love to live in Justin Bieber's shoes for a day. No, no, no. It seems sorta difficult actually. Maybe Ellen Degeneres. I would love to make people's days like her! I find her so inspirational and lovely. :-)

What is your all time favourite book?
I wish I could give you an endless list of books, but I don't read books as much as I wish I did. I grew up reading mostly comic books and magazines. Hahaha
If I had to choose one of the best books I read so far, it would be the classic, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I'm also a big fan of John Green's books!

What do you want to be when your all grown up?
Ah, this question is probably one of the most asked questions I got this school year. When I'm all grown up, I want to have a job in a big fashion magazine company, while living in a city I love. (Sort of cliché) Hahaha I also want to end my career being an elementary teacher! :-)

Do you want to travel?
Yes! So much!!! There are so many places I can't wait to see - Paris, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco, Switzerland, Japan...

(All these photos belongs to their respective owners.)

That is actually one of the reasons I decided to stay at home for school next year, so I could save my work money to travel every year! :-)

Is there anything you've done in your life that you regret?
Nope! No regrets. Not worth it.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
I know I might seem like a shopaholic but one of the staples I adore the most would be these T. Babaton's shorts! They're so versatile and the fact that I got it on sale makes me VERY happy!!! Hahaha

Speaking of shopping, my best friend Jen gave me my birthday money to spend on whatever I desire! I spent it on the Steve Madden's flats that I've been drooling over all summer!

You have no idea how many times I would walk into this store, touch it... and walk away. I just couldn't justify the cost for them and now that it finally had a markdown, I had to get it for half its price!!! The little strap is so extra but I find it so adorable! Hahaha

I also spent the extra cash on these adorable oxfords! They're so versatile!

I'm already getting excited for the warmer season!!!

If you could pick one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cereal. I can never get sick of cereal!!!

My favourites are Honeycomb and Oatmeal Crisp Vanilla Almond. :-)

Do you have any siblings?
It's kinda funny how a lot of people think I'm an only child because I don't talk about my family much! I actually have one older sister! :-)

And the ultimate question, would you rather be top half fish and bottom half human or top half human and bottom half fish?
I would definitely like to be top half human and bottom half fish. Would that make me a mermaid?! :-)


Let's finish off with the 11 facts about me!

I'm always smiling when I speak and I don't realize it!
I never liked learning history in school but it was always my highest mark on my report card! 
I don't know how to swim!
I can't snap or whistle.
I have no earlobes.
I was able to type without looking at the keyboard at the age of 8.
My favourite laugh is my dad's.
I don't like the taste of curry.
I taught myself HTML at the age of 8.
I only met one person who holds their pencil like me (apparently I hold it the "the wrong way!")
My left eye twitches when something good is about to happen to me. 

Here are the three blogs I enjoy reading and I nominate:
Ameliorer, Jaysea, xo, Lisa Hoang

Why did you start blogging?
What is the reason behind your blog name?
Who is your style icon?
What are the best words of advice you've been given?
What's on your wishlist at the moment?
Where do you want to live when you're older?
What's your favourite book?
Coffee or tea?
What is your favourite food?
Which person do you admire the most?
What does your perfect Saturday night look like?


Guess what!!! My dad finally gave in.
CLICK HERE to see what I mean... :-)


I don't eat the bananas my mom buys anymore ...and I don't let anyone else in the house eat it either. :-)

If anyone does, I insist that they have to leave (or I hide) at least four so I could bake my favourite banana cake!!! Now the same rules will apply for my instant oatmeal - four packets of one flavour must remain!

Besides studying for exam, I had to bake something to relieve some stress... :-) I decided to bake soft oatmeal cookies after reading SO MANY positive reviews on these! I had a good feeling these were going to be way better than the last recipe I tried!

I decided to change it up... instead of putting three cups of plain oatmeal... I decided to do one cup of peaches and cream

one cup of regular oatmeal with milk chocolate chips,

and one cup of maple and brown sugar oatmeal!

I made it the day my study buddy Lana came over and she claimed that she's a picky eater and an oatmeal lover... In short, I was nervous for her to be the first to try these. This girl is picky and must have tried many oatmeal cookies in her days to know what a good one tastes like... and by the sounds she made, eating a half a dozen and saving some for lunch the next day... I think she enjoyed these... :-)

 My sister, Susie and her boyfriend, Ryan also tried these and they approved! This must be a good recipe if my sister actually tried these and she also ate more the next day! So happy!!! :-) My friend, Saffie also rated these cookies and she gives it a 5/5 for taste... but 1/5 for the display of the cookies... only because I put it in a ziplock bag for her! Hahahaha

I can't tell you which one is the most popular flavour because out of these three, I had at least three votes for each flavour! I can tell you which one is my favourite though... the maple and brown sugar.

It's so sweet and chewy and moist and I think I'll just make three dozens of these next time! Some of you have asked me how I'm still so small if I seem to bake so often...

I try to eat healthy most of the week and I like to share and surprise my friends and family with my baked goodies! :-)

This recipe is definitely going to be a keeper! (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE!) My only tip for baking these cookies is to not bake them for more than 8 minutes or you'll get some crunchy cookies... if you like that... then.. that's cool too!!!

Pour Les Garçons

I actually didn't think I would have time to blog at all this week because studying for my functions' exam has been consumin' me and.. this girl.

My gyaldem, Lana and I have been studying for this math exam together... everyday.. six hours a day! Well... if you also include having heart to hearts, eating barbecue ribs,

jammin' to this song,

taking selfies,

and pictures of rings that are over a century old...  then ABOUT six hours!!! Hehe  :-)

This ring (or an antique spoon that got bent into a ring) she has is from 1901! (That's probably the oldest object I have ever touched.) While we were studying ... or sort of..

I decided to check my emails and I think I opened one of the happiest emails ever.

I have no idea how I got accepted when my marks aren't even sent yet, but I'm so happy with this early admission!!! This program is my 2nd choice but it's just SO GRATIFYING to know I actually got into something. EeeEe!!!

Let's throw up the numba one for Cinday!!!

Now I can scratch that back up plan...
of being a nun... :-)


Today was one of those blessed days! You know, the days where my late starts and first period spare falls on the same day!!! OoOh yeahh! Hahaha :-)

I've decided to use this valuable morning time to bake something! :-) It was my chance to regain myself after those unimpressive brownies I made at the beginning of the week. My friends were being TOO nice saying they were delicious but no no no nooo guys, that was not my best work and I will not settle!!! Hahaha

So today... I baked SNICKERDOODLES!

Have you ever tried a snickledoodle before?
Because I never. :-)
Do you know what a snickerdoodle is?
Because I didn't!!! :-)

It's basically a cookie rolled in sugar and cinnamon. I love cinnamon, and I think I was meant to love it since my mom named me CINdy... ;-)

There are so many recipes out there but I've decided to do Mrs. Field's signature recipe!!! I've bought cream of tartar during the winter break because I've been anticipating to bake these cookies but I don't know why I've been putting it off! I wish I didn't because these babies tasted amazing!

They're so easy to make!!! :-) I got kinda carried away with rolling it in the cinnamon and sugar though...

but HEY! There's nothing wrong with extra flavour (says my sister who puts ketchup with her fried rice.). :-) While my babies baked in the oven, it was my chance to paint my nails! Ah.. happy things. :-)

I was actually so impressed when they came out of the oven!!! My babies did not burn! Hell yeah, hell yeah! (That's my latest saying right now, and I can't stop saying it. Help.)

I didn't try them until I brought it to school and tried it with my four taste testers and... they were a crowd pleaser!!! :-) I also gave it to one random person in the hallway and all who tried it were questioning how it could be so good / soft / fluffy / perfectly round!!!

I honestly never tried a Snickerdoodle before and they haven't either I really don't know if this is how they're supposed to taste like! Hahaha This recipe is going to be a keeper either way! :-) CLICK HERE for the recipe!

I've also decided to have lunch with my grandma before school today and I thought it was nice... well ...besides the fact that she giggles every time I got squirted in the eye with a clementine... it was nice!!! :-)

My go to top right now is this black cashmere jumper I stumbled upon at Winners! I don't even know why I was looking in the XL section but who would've thought I would find this perfect little thing in there! It is slightly big for me but I think it's the perfect oversized jumper! Now I'm on the hunt for a perfect grey one before the season ends. :-)

I have a thing for accessorizing black with gold details and Jessie is the complete opposite! Hahaha

Ah, look at my pretty friend, Jessie. :-)

The day ended like it usually does... with my walk home with Cody!!! :-)

I've known him since seventh grade and we practically walk home together every day - ever since grade 9!

Besides the fact that he has a cool garage door,

he's also one of my really good friends!!! We have heart to hearts every now and then and he basically gets me. No, no, no, we don't have feelings for each other that way!!! Hahaha

He's just one of those really good people in my life that I'm really happy to have... and that I know I will try to keep! :-) I don't want to end this on a cheesy note so here is a last minute giggle!

Speaking of phones, my sister just came home with her new and exclusive, Samsung Galaxy Mini (about the same size as an iPhone 4)... that's only available in Europe right now!

Gurrl be upgradin' from her Blackberry Curve, damn!