School has been pretty quiet this week since most of the grade nines and some of the grade 11s and 12s went to Muskoka Woods! I kind of wish I went but at the same time, I'm so content with staying here... :-)

since I finally got to start the art project I've been anticipating since grade 10!!! :-) The first thing you have to do is choose a landscape photo! Have I mentioned that my art teacher always lets me break rules?


She let me do a photo of a building! Hehehe :-) After choosing a photo, you would paint the similar hues in the photo using water colour paint. Afterwards, you would cut them into any sizes and shapes! (Those two dozen funky scissors my sister got me over the winter break totally came in handy for this project!! Whew!)

Am I crazy for choosing to do tiny shapes!? I just think that the more tinier, the more detail ...the better. :-) Once you cut them out, you have to replicate the image using the pieces and it would create this beautiful collage effect!

My pieces were so tiny that my teacher didn't believe I would finish in time for today's due date... but of course I did! I didn't care how late I would have to stay up for it since I was enjoying myself. :-)

She was pretty much speechless! She also told me I was the first to change it up and make use of the wood by leaving my door blank... or you could just say I got tired at that point... :-)

Thanks for everyone's kind comments today, I REALLY appreciated it. I also really need a signature before I turn 18! I didn't know how to sign my artwork but my friend Alexa gave me the perfect idea of sticking my water colour hearts at the back! Hah! :-)

 In my last blog post, I received a few Facebook messages, tweets and texts.. asking what I meant at the end of that blog post! So last week I hung out with Jen and told her I needed some sort of change to welcome adulthood! Ya know?

I told her that when she sees me next week for my birthday, I will look different. Somehow!!! After making a decision (that I never thought I would follow through) and persuading my father,

I dyed my virgin hair and trimmed it! :-) I know dying kills the hair but my hair has never felt this healthy and bouncy in a while. So in love.

I never thought I would love any other hairstyle than the one I had previously ...but yeah right!!! :-)

This haircut was to mark my transition into adulthood...
but my sister said I still look like I'm 10 with it!!! AH.. great!