I can solemnly swear that I was up to no good today, but the food was so good. So, SO good!! I mentioned in my previous post that practically everyone (including teachers) had left for Muskoka! As a result, classes have been so quiet... movies have been playing all day long...

and so Sara and I decided to skip the morning to go to Spoon and Fork for all you can eat lunch!!! She was actually one of the first friends I made when I moved to this neighbourhood in grade seven! :-) I was so iffy on going to this high school in the beginning because all my close middle school friends decided to go to the high school directly next to our middle school. I just couldn't see myself going there...

so I decided to go to another one and Sara actually applied there too! :-) I'm so happy we still kept in touch over these years even though we hang with different people at school!!! I gotchu gurl. :-)

 It's so funny how out of all the sushi they had to offer, we both enjoyed the Spicy California, Avocado and Cucumber and Dynamite roll the most! Her boyfriend has been constantly trying to get her to try calamari and I was able to get her to try it for the first time!!! Mwuahaha :-)

Sushi totally stuffed us but I had to treat Sara to her favourite dessert! :-) Like who doesn't have room for dessert?!?! :-) These deep fried bananas with vanilla ice cream tasted sweet but after awhile, the taste became unbearable because we were so full! Hahaha!

Speaking of sweets, I baked something this week and I just had to bake these because they're TO DIE FOR.

No, no, no. I'm not exaggerating... that's what these are called!!! I made Allrecipes' To Die For Blueberry Muffins! I filled them in my favourite Dollarama cupcake cups!

What I like about these cups is that the batter doesn't show through after you bake them, which means you can still see the design after! :-)

I never baked muffins before so I was surprised that you were allowed to fill the batter to the rim of each cup without fearing it would overflow once it was baked!

Afterwards, you would sprinkle the heavenly cinnamon-ey strudel... Sigh ... I love this stuff! :-)

 Speaking of not overflowing, the strudel totally made them did. It's really okay though!!! I was able to peel it off the tray... and eat it!! Hah! Definitely no complaints there! :-)

I took a bite of one of them and thought I could put it down but I HAD TO FINISH IT. IT WAS THAT GOOD. I ended up eating two... :-) Thing is, I rarely eat blueberry muffins so I didn't know what a good one was supposed to taste like! I don't even know if what I was eating was considered good...

I shared these with one of my taste testers and she died. She always dies - but like... one piece of her muffin fell on the ground and she literally, NOT JOKING... she ignored the 5 second rule and ate it because she couldn't let any of it go to waste.. HAPPY TEARS.

Sara also tried it and she said she's a picky eater and has a love/hate relationship with blueberries. After each bite she ate, she kept saying, "SO GOOD, so good!!" ..and groaned!!!


I've been lacking in outfit photos lately because of the cold weather but here was my outfit for today! :-)

My big cozy cardigan, accessorized with my tiny rings

and a nice slick of eyeliner and mascara! :-) I'm obsessing over this new liquid eyeliner I got during the Shopper Drug Mart's sale! My sister introduced me to it and it's... the bomb! That mascara is also my faaaavourite ever. My sister introduced me to that too! Hahaha The other tube is my Chloé perfume and then we have my old mascara that gave me a pink eye...

I just can't throw it away yet! The packaging is too pretty!!! Heh.. hehe.. :-)


Before I end this post, I would like to say THANK YOU to my really sweet aunt!!! She came over two weeks ago and I complimented on the adorable Uggs moccasins she was wearing!

I came home from school this week and saw that she bought and left me a pair!

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!!! I love it!!

Cindy Adores said...

Thank you! x

Emm said...

Yum! Looks amazing!

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Cindy Adores said...

I followed your blog since time and I can't believe you took the time to see mine!!! :-) Thank you! x