Do you wake up in the morning and give yourself a little pep talk?! :-) Like you know, you just tell or think to yourself, "today will be a great day" or "I will make today a great day"... No?! Just me?!! :-)

My little pep talk for this morning was, "I will not fall on my face today. I will NOT fall on my face today. I will not!!!"

Joycelyn hosted her 18th birthday at the Rinx this year and we did rollerblading!!! :-) WoO!! It was my first time... I mean I ice skated before.. if that counts? :-) I didn't think it would be that bad... but the number of drops people had... it was a bit bad!! Hahaha

For some reason, that pep talk worked for me since my booty never touched the ground! :-) I'm no pro at this at all (..I am quite the pro on the carpet though!!!) but my only tip is do not look at the ground! That's usually what works for me and gives me balance.. Like the only reason I stopped running into trees when I was younger....

was because I looked up to know where to steer my bike. :-)

After an hour or so, we went back to Joy's place! This year, she invited Thiya and I and her group of school friends. :-) They were so kind for saying Thiya and I are kind but so were they!! Thiya and I agreed that being kind is so much better than being cool and then we have Joycelyn who was like, "Why can't we be both?!" ... and we realized we were... Hah! :-)

When I said we went back to Joy's place.. it was actually an abandoned house.

How bada## did I sound there!!!! It's actually a house she's trying to sell! Since it was empty, it was the perfect place for us to blast music as loud as we like...and twerk, baby twerk.

Her friends decorated the interior so cutesy and they also set some rules for the party!

Giiirl requested a lot of things and most of times.. she got what she desired...

and maybe more... ;-)

I just remembered what her friends said to me when I met them last week, "Just be ratchet and you'll blend in with us!!!" HAHA

We danced, laughed, ate, sang, wined and grind.. All the happy teenager things. Oh gosh, this is probably one of my most inappropriate blog posts ever!!! Hahaha

They taught me how to wine and twerk and all I gotta say is...

if you meet a girl who can - wife dat chick!!!  It's actually so hard to do that body thrusting and hip rolling! Okay fine, it's hard if you don't have a bum!!!!! What can you do!!

Since it's my best friend's (since forever) 18th birthday, I had to go big!!! I got her her birthday cake this year...and that's all I got... :-)

Patrick and I placed the candles for her by placing it in the little knots of each icing... until we ran out of room. You can see we got kinda creative after... :-)

At first we were like "Oh gosh...." then it changed to, "That looks so cool actually!!!!"

I still remembered when she blew it out, one friend was like... "Did you make a wish? 'Cause I know I did!!!" Hahahah

I'm so happy everyone enjoyed the chocolate brownie cake!!

Back to club rules, Joycelyn gets what she wants!!! Ok, she didn't request this but I'm sure she enjoyed it... ;-)

It was time to open the gifts after and it was so cute seeing how much she loved her gifts!

It was time for her to open my real gift! Was I scared? Yes! I wanted to get my best friend something timeless and memorable so I got her diamond earrings from Swarovski


and I love what the box said!!! Hahahah

The night ended with laughs,


and some dutty truth or dares... :-)




Before I end this, I WANT TO ALSO WISH MY BEST FRIEND JUSTINE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Now it's time to celebrate with her!!! :-)


It's also time to go and finish up editing my infomercial for English! Hopefully I can convince my group members to let me share it with you guys... :-)