I'm currently sitting in the library with my English class because the teacher is giving us extra time to finish our assignment that's due today or we can start on our next assignment... Heheheh... I rather not! :-)

My group finally finished our English infomercial that's due today and they're giving me permission to share it!!!! :-) For this assignment, you had the option of creating an ad or an infomercial for a product based on one of the theories we studied in class. My group chose to base ours off of  THE QUEER THEORY! The theory basically focuses on what society considers unacceptable.

I came up with the product and at first my group members, Maddy and Nick died of laughter and they didn't take it seriously. So I let them decide on the product but they actually couldn't come up with a better one!!! Heh.. heh..heh :-) I'm not going to lie, these two are the best partners I ever worked with since they're so flexible and take so much initiative! Thanks guys!! :-)  I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!


hey guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maddy here. just wanted to say jeremy touches frogs. bye. love qqqqyouqQ ummm this is like my first blogggggggg but i just wante dto say i love you forever and ever. kisses from me. and hugs. and cookies. hi. bye. boo. blajh. blhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh