For some reason, when my boss seems irritated at me or at something else... it happens to fall on the same days I get my paycheck!!

I would ask him to get paid at the end of the day and he would ask me how much I'm receiving and then when I tell him... he would compliment me on my work ethics... and GIVE ME A RAISE!! :-)

Speaking of work, there's this little bakery nearby that sells these meringues. I always find myself staring at them while I wait in line to pay! Hahaha

I never tried them before and I...  actually didn't know what they were made out of... until today! :-)

They're basically these very light and airy cookies made from egg whites and sugar. To be honest... the only reason I decided to bake these was because I ran out of flour and I had this urge to bake! :-)


I found this chewy chocolate meringue recipe on my favourite baking site and it seemed pretty simple and quick to make!

Okay.. maybe it wasn't THAT simple...

It asked for SEVEN eggs and that was probably the most eggs I ever cracked in one sitting. It's so rare for me to even be able to crack 1 egg without getting the shell in there SOOOOoo...... Hahaha

It also wasn't that quick to make! It took about 20 minutes to mix the egg whites and sugar until it turned white and glossy! The mixture was so beautiful!!


Oh yeah, I recommend using an electrical mixer to speed up the process! I tried using my arm and a whisk... for five minutes... and my grandma just watched me and laughed because I wasn't getting anywhere! Thanks!! Hahahah

MY BABIES DID NOT BAKE WELL IN THE OVEN! Since I didn't have parchment paper... they pretty much got stuck on the aluminum foil! At first I thought it was because I under baked and they were too soft to be removed...

until I tried overbaking and OH GOSH... no. Jussssst no.

I started searching on Google for solutions and this was actually a common problem when it came to baking these! What they did to solve it was add a bit of oil onto the baking sheet to make it easier to remove the cookies... and it worked like a charm!!! (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE.)

Did I like these? Yeahhhh... not bad.
Would I recommend these? Probably not! :-)

Back to my paycheck story...  I think that my boss gives me a raise as a way to apologize to me! If this is the suffer I gotta take to get a raise...

then it ain't no thang but a chicken wang!!


If you had to pick only two out of the given options,
which would you choose -

This week I've been choosing good grades and social life and actually... the only social life I had was seeing Megan!!! Hahaha We did some shopping together at Eaton's and when I first laid my eyes on this leather jacket at H&M...

I kinda choked on my spit because I thought it was so cutesy!!! The price was not cute at all though! Hahaha Besides shopping, we tried a new eatery together and their chicken actually tasted like candy to me!

At first, I thought that was their intention.. because I thought their name was "bonbon" Y'know? Like candy in French? :-)  But no...their name was Bourbon St. Grill! (Only two letters off... Hahaha) I would definitely eat at this place again! So good!

I was having sucha hard time deciding which dress to buy yesterday... like did I want a racer back tank or cut off sleeves????? First world problems, fa real!!

I also finally signed up for a membership card @ Sephora! I remembered when I turned 18, my sister and friends were telling me I could go to Sephora to get my free birthday gift ... and I was so confuzzled. After signing up yesterday, they still gave me my belated gift and boy was I happy! :-)

 I didn't go to Sephora to just buy a membership card.. I was on the hunt for a red lipstick that was subtle, yet noticeable for everyday wear! I tried on like 15 different shades of red and I gotta thank Megan for helping me choose some out!!! She also threw some in that I had overlooked to change it up...

and who knew the one she threw in would be the one I ended up buying! It's like a nice tint of red.. and I just love how it's so silky, HYDRATING and fruity! Best thing ever!!!

I thought it would've been smarter if I did some research online before going on a hunt but apparently...
it was not necessary because there are SO MANY positive reviews for this - which makes me appreciate my purchase even more! :-)

The packaging is so lovely that I actually think I will keep it once I'm done! :-) I was actually trying to decide whether I should buy lipstick or white converses yesterday and I think I made a good decision because...

  Nancy just texted me this today... Oh gosh.

Megan invited me back to her place after for a slice of her sister's birthday cake and like.. HOW CAN I SAY NO TO FREE CAKE??? :-) We were hanging out in her room and she pulled out these Monster Inc. cups and told me these were going to be part of my birthday gift and I died - THEY'RE SO CUTE.

I was going gaga over them... and she not only got me one.. BUT TWO! I couldn't accept it but she told me that I needed to have cups for her and I when she came over to dine! Hahaha I left it on her bed and told her to give it to me for Christmas because honestly, I feel like she has spent so much on me for my birthday. When I left...

Thank you Megan. So, so much!!!

I also want to thank my cousin Linda and her little boys for the present they gave me last weekend!

Linda got me this cute thoughtful book

and her and the boys gave me this cute card a long with it! Well.. it was more like Linda who wrote it...

and the boys who did the envelope! Hahaha :-)

I'm off to finish some homework now

and I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!

P.S. This fortune cookie message is dedicated to all those who have made my birthday so amazing.

But honestly, thank you.


I haven't been treating my fingers well this week....

I gave them two paper cuts... burnt them and even managed to HAMMER one of them during art class!!! So fail - I'M SUCHA FAIL. Hahaha! The only reason I burnt them was because I was too excited to take these little babies out of the oven this morning... :-)

My intention was to bake apple and cinnamon muffins but there are honestly so many recipes out there and I was too lazy to narrow it down by reading the comments... EHhhh..

I decided to check out the all-time popular page on and I'm sure I check on this page weekly... even though I know it's so rare for a new recipe to make it to the top of the list! One of the recipes I see over and over again... and basically in every recipe index on baking blogs are these cinnamon sugar muffins! I honestly did not understand what were so special about them!!!!!

Until I made them... and we all know I do not ever use profanity...

but the first thing I whispered when I bit into one of them was, "Holy sh - -." I brought two dozen to school and they were all gone in an hour! I shared it with two very picky eaters... and I literally died when they asked me for another one!!! I couldn't say no because I just knew how tasty these were. :-)

Jessie decided to give up chocolate for a few weeks for lent, so I was glad she was able to try these!!! :-) Oh yeah, which reminds me... my sister was pondering last year of giving up vegetables for lent?!?! Wut.

People even went as far and told me to sell these lil' cute muffins - WhOA there! Hahaha! I'm so glad they all enjoyed these and now... I finally understand why they're so popular!

Those weren't the only sweets I had today... Heh.. heh.. heh... :-)

Since we had a half day at school today, Lana and I decided to drown our sorrows at Demetres...

and we basically sat there for two hours having life chats! To be honest, I never thought I would ever be close to this girl.

You don't understand... in grade 10, we did not like each other's presence (Still don't.),

basically spoke in sarcasm (Still do.) and gave each other the dirtiest looks...