Wash Belly

My siblings left for Jamaica on the same night I started studying for my midterms last week! You know, no big deal.. just another vacation again this year without me!!! My sissy confessed that she wished I was there too! I'm really hoping that all goes as planned and I will get to go on vacation with them for my reading week in February!!! Every time they go on vacation, they always bring me back souvenirs! They handed me this book yesterday morning and I literally died because I always try talking ghetto to Ryan! Besides this, she also got me some orange Jamaican soda pop and y'all already know what's the one thing they always get me...

While I was washing these, I realized that they didn't look like the typical seashells they always get me... because they're snail shells!! I spent over an hour cleaning them out and I'm still cringing over the sandy things I saw in there... Uhghghghhhgh

I just finished reading the book and check out one of the new words I learned!!!


Kiss Land

When my cousin Nancy introduced me to The Weeknd two years ago, he quickly became one of my favourite musicians! I downloaded his whole trilogy and to this day, I'm still listening to it!!!! Ever since then, I have been waiting for him to go on tour. When I found out that he was touring for the first time and coming to Toronto, Nancy and I had to get on that!!!

I took so many pictures to make sure I wasn't dreaming it all!!!!!! I told myself that I had to see him perform live before I die and I couldn't believe that I was finally able to check it off my bucket list!

This is perhaps one of my all-time favourite songs of his!!!

When I was snapping photos of him, I had to pause and literally soak in everything that was happening. I couldn't believe I was finally able to see him perform live after waiting so long!!!

Nancy and I were having the time of our lives belching out his lyrics and waving our arms in the air! He sounds exactly like he does on his albums! Amazinggg.

One of things I love is when artists talks to their audience between their singing and share the back story of what inspired them to write their music!

When he bowed down after his last song, Nancy and I were so confused??? It couldn't be done already, like are you serious! Everyone started screaming for an encore...


Nancy was the best concert partner I could ever ask for!!! I had such an unreal night and to thank her for showing me his music, I had to get both of us his classic tanks after the show!

Most importantly... I want to thank The Weeknd for creating music and changing my life!! (That actually sounds a little corny compared to what it sounded like in my head! Hahahaha) If you haven't bought his new album, Kiss Land yet, DO IT!!!!!!!


It was so nice catching up with my good ol' friend, Sahra after classes today! It sucks that our timetables didn't work out for us to share the same breaks but luckily today, I took off work (to see the Weeknd tonight) and we were able to schedule in a quick yogurt date! 

Now it's time to go get ready to see the Weeknd tonight! There are no words to explain how excited I am!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to be an unreal night! Stay tune!


Hitting Me

I don't think I met anyone like Thiya who remembers so many little things about me! When I saw her for Nuit Blanche, I mentioned how I never tried pumpkin pie before and she just looked at me in disbelief. Today, she rung my doorbell holding a box of pumpkin pie and two Starbucks drink! LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I can't even forget the time she surprised me after school with my favourite things ever - MACARONS! She's honestly too good to me. Ugh!

After two months of waiting patiently, I AM FINALLY SEEING THE WEEKND IN CONCERT TOMORROW. It is finally hitting me that I am seeing him... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Right Time

I realized that I have a lot of photos saved on my computer but never posted on my blog yet. It's probably because it doesn't seem like the right time or I'm just not content with the editing. With that being said, this is one of the photos I saved from the batch Joy and I took during the summer. Although we both attended different schools since grade seven, it never got in the way of our friendship. We can go on for weeks without hearing and seeing each other and can easily pick up where we had left off when we do!

She actually came over this afternoon before heading back to her University. It was really nice laying in my bed for 3 hours and having a much needed heart to heart talk with my best friend. She's certainly one of the things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving!


Somewhat Typical

I've been working as a receptionist at a podiatry office since I was 15 y/o and it's actually one of the pushing factors as to why I stayed in the city for University! Once I arrive, the first thing I do is pick up the dry cleaning for my boss! I'm greeted by the same Korean man and this is literally the same conversation we have every Saturday morning at 8:00:

"Thank you!"

Once I get back from the dry cleaners, I return messages on the voice mail before filing the 100+ charts the other receptionist leaves for me during the week. Some patients refer to me as the "nice" receptionist and even admit that they only come to the office when I'm working! Although she seems to have a bad rep, I think she is so down to earth and nice to me - especially since she's covering for me this upcoming Thursday, while I'm at THE WEEKND'S CONCERT!!! 

That's the corner where I hate going into to file charts! (So squishy and smelly.) 

That's the front yard that I have to pick up the litter, while my boss would literally be standing inside and telling me where I missed! LOL Oh gosh.

That's the painting I always stare at and probably the most questions I get from kids! ...Like I dunno what it is?!?!?

My sister told me that she didn't have to do half the things I do for my boss while working there, like picking up tuna sandwiches (with no cucumbers!!!), buying him (white) bread, emailing his nephews happy birthday and texting his friends to make plans! At the same time, she didn't get as many raises as I did in a year! Woop woop! Besides answering calls, filing charts, scheduling appointments and handling cash, my job is a breeze! I always have time to catch up on my favourite blogs, chat on Facebook and update my Tumblr!

That's my typical Saturday morning but my Saturday afternoons are not typical at all. Most of the time, I make the plans that morning of. Yesterday, my brother unexpectedly picked me up from work and we went to visit my grandpa's cemetery! Although I had homework to do, I would never miss out the chance to be at his memorial. It has been a annual tradition for the grandchildren to gather, pray and honor him.

Check out my cousin Jenny's cute Rocky Horror nails! She was also the same person who owned these cute nails.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend!


I just came home from my five hour commencement and I'M BASICALLY DONE HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Although my school didn't get to wear those typical black gowns, I'm actually glad because I've been waiting to rip the price tag off this dress I got for this special occasion! Hahaha

I cannot put into words how life changing this experience was and I have to owe it all to the inspiring teachers and amazing friends who made me look forward to coming to school! It was an amazing chapter in my life and perhaps the years where I've grown and learned so much about myself. Thank you Richview for all the lessons, memories and friends that I will keep for a lifetime.

I won't ever forget that I'm a Saint!



I'm still deciding whether or not I should be placing my text in between my photos or if it's easier to read if there was a large blurb at the end of my photo set! Hmmm.. (I'll try doing this blurb at the end to see whether or not I like how it looks!)

This past Saturday, my art history class was assigned the task to visit Nuit Blanche and tweet about it!!! I'm so glad I had my best friends Thiya and Megan to accompany me! It was such a memorable night just strolling downtown under the lights and looking at amazingggg artworks! (By the way, you could check out my cheesy tweets about Nuit Blanche here!!! Hahahaha)

Guess what! Today is my domain name (cindynguyen.ca) 's 1st birthday!!! Oh how time flies!