I woke up this morning with a sudden craving for macarons (ok let's be real, I always crave them), and since I finally had one day off, I texted Jessie if she was down to get some today!!

Initially, we were planning to check out Delysees again because they're now selling gelato macarons!!! Two of my favourite things in one! When we were about to meet up with each other, Jessie asked me if I wanted to check out MoRoCo Chocolat instead. Without hesitation, I was sooo down!!!! I've been wanting to check out this place for a while now and I've actually been nagging my sister to take me! Hahaha

The bakery was just as adorable as their website and we were literally in awe! There were so many choices on their menu, but in the end, we opted for their signature chocolate fondue and a plate of macarons!

Their macarons were a little too expensive for my blood but nonetheless, they were amazeballs!!!!! Especially the pistachio one! MUST TRY!

After having dessert with Jessie, Joy met up with me in Yorkville for dinner at Wish Cafe! Ever since I tried their black bean burger with Cody, it has been on my mind to go back and eat it again! It's probably one of my favourite veggie burgers ever. Just thinking about it is making me so happy! LOL

Today was such a day well spent! I started the day with a hard core yoga class, spent time with my two besties, satisfied my macaron cravings, ate my favourite burger, invested in a sturdy backpack, bought two new tops from Zara and somehow... BUMPED INTO MY FRIEND, ALLIE ON THE STREETCAR!


I actually feel pretty awful for neglecting my blog for three weeks now!! Thing is, I decided to change my work availability two weeks ago. I'm basically juggling two full time jobs right now because I'm trying to make as much money (for a new camera + camera lens + vacation + clothes) as I can before I head back to school in September!

I haven't had a day off since and even when I do work only one shift that day, I would use that time to go to yoga or hang with my friends to find some sanity! Don't worry though, I will try my best (somehow) to blog more in the next few days (before I get super backed up on recording events) because I currently have a lot of photos that are sitting on my memory card that I want to share and document on here, so stay tune!!! xx