I actually feel pretty awful for neglecting my blog for three weeks now!! Thing is, I decided to change my work availability two weeks ago. I'm basically juggling two full time jobs right now because I'm trying to make as much money (for a new camera + camera lens + vacation + clothes) as I can before I head back to school in September!

I haven't had a day off since and even when I do work only one shift that day, I would use that time to go to yoga or hang with my friends to find some sanity! Don't worry though, I will try my best (somehow) to blog more in the next few days (before I get super backed up on recording events) because I currently have a lot of photos that are sitting on my memory card that I want to share and document on here, so stay tune!!! xx

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  1. Your hard work will all pay off, promise! So incredible dedicated to this blog, and also determined for other things. Take your time Cindy :)