I'll admit, I think I'm really picky when it comes to my concert seats! In other words, I wouldn't even pay for lawn seats just to watch my favourite performers perform on the screen when there is Youtube for that! I'd rather pay to see them live on stage y'know!

At the end of the day, I think the experience triumphs the expenses! With that said, I'm still in awe that my cousin and I got a hold of last minute floor seat tickets to Beyonce and Jay-Z's concert last Wednesday!!!!! When we arrived at the security gates, one of the guards pulled me aside and warned me that if I used my professional camera, they wouldn't hesitate to kick me out! Eek!

I was actually so bummed after I got that warning! However...

When all the lights started to dim to signal that the concert was starting, I discreetly pulled out my camera! Heh heh heh!!!

The crowd started getting up from their seats and everyone literally shifted up a couple of rows and Nancy and I ended up moving 3 rows closer to the stage ...to the EIGHTH row! With that said, HOW CAN I NOT RESIST TAKING PHOTOS WHEN I'M THAT CLOSE!!!!?

In a stadium filled with thousands of people, I couldn't handle how lucky we were to be so close to them!!! Nancy even whispered to me during the concert that this was the best birthday gift ever, which made me so happy to hear!

Jay-Z's (and Kanye's) album was the album I had on repeat all summer last year (I even named my blog posts after his song titles! LOL), so I was pretty much dying of happiness when Jay-Z started singing Tom Ford.

Beyonce and Jay-Z sounds SO GOOD live. I don't even know how they had so much stamina to sing and DANCE for two hours when I could barely sing ...while sitting.

It was so much easier to take sharper photos of Jay-Z since he wasn't shaking his hips every other second like Bey!

HOWEVER, Beyonce looked FLAWLESS in every photo I took of her. She's literally perfect in every angle.

There were so many times during the concert where I had to blink so many times to see if I was dreaming! It was unreeeeeeeal.

This concert was definitely THE HIGHLIGHT of my summer. I don't even know who else I want to see in concert anymore, my life feels so complete right now!!!!

Before I end this, I want to wish my favourite cousin & best friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Although our night didn't go as planned (finding a piece of hair in your dinner, missing the last subway home and somehow meeting a nice couple who gave us a ride home!), I HOPE YOU STILL HAD A MEMORABLE BIRTHDAY!! Love you forever and always! xx