After my morning yoga class (can't believe I've been committing to it for 4 months now!), I remember Lillian texting me that Quy and her would be on their way shortly to pick me up! When I hopped in their car, they busted out all their camera equipment that I had the chance to use for their photoshoot and on their wedding day!

I was so stunned at their amazing collection of lenses, cameras and flashes!! When we arrived at the location they picked, the weather didn't look so promising. It eventually started to spit here and there but the couple was still down to shoot that day and as long as they were, I was too!!

I'll admit, I felt so much pressure when I was taking photos for them! It was my first time doing photos for an engagement AND my first time working with fancy (and heavy!) equipment. After doing a few shots of the couple, I realized that this was similar to taking photos of my friends! With that thought in mind, I started getting more comfy!

It also helped a lot that Quy and Lillian had ideas of how they wanted their photos to look like and what they wanted to capture! With that said, here are a couple of my favourites that we took on that day before the rain started pouring (and our bellies starting grumbling)!

This was definitely one of the highlights of this summer! Thanks again Lillian and Quy for giving me this opportunity!!! xx

Nichie said...

Being an extreme hopeless romantic, I love seeing photos of couples. These are lovely. <3