My obsession with macarons started when I tried my first one from La Bamboche three years ago! Although I've tried many macarons from other locations since, I always find myself coming back to this little patisserie for theirs! I guess you could say they'll always have a special place in my heart.

When Alejandra told me she has never tried one before, I knew I had to take her out on a macaron date asap!! She told me that whenever she planned a macaron date with someone, something always intervenes. She told me that it was probably an indication that she was meant to try her first macaron with me since she doesn't know anyone as obsessed as I am. (I'M NOT OBSESSED...... ok maybe a little. LOL)

After her first bite, she quickly understood why I enjoyed eating them so much! Their hazelnut flavour seriously left a lasting impression on us and on our subway ride to work, we couldn't get over how good it was!! Although we had to sprint to work afterwards (like we usually do when we hang out before work), it was so worth the trip to get some macarons!! Check out her instagram for more fun photos from our day! xx

Rachel Y. said...

Look at you, spreading all that yummy goodness! Haven't heard of macaron dates before, but that's definitely something to lust after ;)