Behind the Scenes: Luxx

Ahhhh!!!!!!! It's not sinking in that today was my last day of classes and I have no final exams this semester! The only thing I have to worry about now is finishing up my teaching placement and hosting my final installation!!!

I have been pretty quiet about this installation that I've been working on for the past four months, so let me fill you guys in on what I've been up to! For my digital media course, I had to work with 9 group members (Umm.. basically my whole class! LOL) to create an interactive experience for a large space.

There were many proposals and prototypes put forward by our class last semester. We voted and decided to move ahead with a game that brings together people of all ages and backgrounds, and creates a place for playing!

We were going to redesign the game of... TAG!! It essentially involves one or more players chasing other players in an attempt to change the colour of the light on their suit by tagging them!

We all voted to move forward with this idea because it sounded like a simple thing to create. And boyyyy... were we wrong! LOL

Last week, we were even considering of showcasing our final project in May because we couldn't get the stinkin' code to work! Daniel (not my boyfriend Daniel) finally had a breakthrough and found the error in the code after using six MacBooks to debug it! Cray crayyy!!

While Daniel worked heavily on the code, some of us worked alongside the theatre department to create all of the suits for the game. We're seriously so thankful for their help!

And if you're wondering what my role is... I was selected as the communications director because of my blog!!! I'm basically in charge of our websites, photos and promotional material. :)

We've spent weeks testing out gadgets, coding the logic, sewing on lights, finding audio, designing the housing for our electronics and creating visuals. And it's really amazing to see all of our hard work finally falling into place this week!


Daniel and I received complementary tickets to the Royal Ontario Museum a few weeks ago!! I seriously can't believe it was my first time visiting this place. Daniel said he has been here when he was younger but he couldn't recall any of the stuff we saw together!

If you visit a touristy place and they have coat check, I encourage you to take advantage of that!! It makes life so much easier when you're travelling light.

There was so many exciting things to see and photos to take! The museum was a whole lot bigger inside than I initially thought. Like just when we thought we were done exploring, we discovered the staircase and elevator to go up! LOL

We also didn't grab a map at the front desk, so likeee... that would've been really handy! LOL

It was fun roaming in and out of the exhibitions and galleries! As I was going through my photos, I didn't realize how many photos I had of buddha statues and murals!?!?!

As I've mentioned before, the great thing about dating a photographer is that I have double the amount of photos to choose from for my blog! Well.. that's what I used to think....

I thought Daniel would have taken lots of photos of the museum but he took more photos of ME taking photos!!! Like wow.. even in a room full of art.. he still stares at me! (I totally took this off somewhere. Hahaha) And then his camera died when we haven't made it to the second floor yet! Like BOY!!! Whyyy!!! LOL

My favourite collection was definitely the "Earth's Treasures!" I still can't believe there are so many beautiful minerals and rocks found on our earth. I tried taking photos of my favourite gems but my camera did not do any justice for them! You just have to check it out in real life and stare at them while they do the *glistening* thing they like to do.

Here's one (out of the 30 something photos I took) of the buddhas... :)

I like to call this pose the, "Are you done yettttt Daniel?" LOL

Daniel thinks these boots were the prototypes for Uggs! LOL

What I find super fascinating about the artwork below is that if you take a close look, you would see that it was created out of BEADS! Cray crayyy.

Oh yaaa, what I also enjoyed about this museum is that it gave me lots of ideas on what to ask Daniel for Christmas! I told him he could either get me this coin below...

or possibly this shiny diamond...


Daniel's expression in the photo below was literally my face every time I gave him a gift suggestion! LOL

See y'all next week for another Tuesday update!!! By the way, if you haven't watched Zootopia yet, I definitely recommend! So good. :)


Daniel was able to get a hold of two tickets to the super exclusive (ok not really) Estee Lauder warehouse sale!! It was both of our first time going and the place was exactly how other bloggers and Youtubers described it to be.

I had no idea that Estee Lauder owned so many brands like, Smashbox, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Bumble and Bumble, Origins etc. Daniel hung around a table at every building we went to (this warehouse sale spanned three buildings!), while I scoped the place for products I liked! Every now and then, he would send me Snapchat selfies looking worried and asking me where I was! LOL

I was able to save so much money on three primers, perfume and hand lotion! I haven't try any of the primers yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that none of them will break me out. After two hours of feeling so suffocated, Daniel and I left to go check out Zen's Cafe and Lounge! 

To be honest, I'm not sure where or how I heard of this place but I remember it was in the area! I was also craving macarons (ok let's be real, when am I not???), so we decided to check it out for the first time! 

Lately, I would search up the hashtag or the name of the place on Instagram just to get an idea what they offered on their menu and what the place looked like. Before visiting this cafe, I found out that they collaborated with La Bamboche! Out of all the macarons I've tried, La Bamboche will always remain as my top choice! 

For some reason, I didn't expect the place to be so small inside. Nonetheless, they had a great selection of cheesecake (from the Cheesecake Factory), macarons (from La Bamboche) and drinks. Daniel isn't a big macaron lover like me but he actually liked them a lot!

I enjoyed their macarons so much that I visited La Bamboche with Joycelyn a few days later! :)

AGA Khan Museum

I always see so many nice angles of this building on Instagram and would make a mental note every time to go check it out with Daniel. After several months of having that fleeting thought, we finally visited it for the first time during my reading week!!!

Ok guys.. can you tell I'm really backed up with my blog posts?!!! LOL

Daniel and I trekked over there and was so mesmerized by the architecture. I even removed my mitts to take some photos! LOL

We didn't imagine the inside of the building to look the way it did and we didn't expect there to be such strict rules for photography.

With that being said, we didn't get that many photos of the inside of the building because there were certain boundaries where photos were off limits. I remember trying to take a portrait photo of Daniel (not even an artwork guys) in an unforbidden area and someone actually noticed and shouted at me to turn it off! EEEEP!

Besides that, there was a lot of great artifacts to see! Since Daniel and I are camera fanatics, we particularly enjoyed their current exhibition, "A City Transformed: Images of Istanbul Then and Now." It was amazing to see the growth of the city captured in those photographs over the years.

We decided to leave when the sun started to set because Dan wanted a few more photos of the building. By the way, if you're thinking of checking this place out, make sure you go on a Wednesday when admission is free after 4pm. ;)

Daniel also brought his 85mm lens with him and now I want to own one too!!!

Guys, can we just take a moment and stare at that creamy bokeh in the left photo and compare it to the right that was taken with my 35mm lens! Seww gud.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if you guys noticeddd but I've been trying to update every Tuesday! School is gettin' a little crazy as this semester is coming to an end, but there are so many exciting things happening in between that I want to blog about to remember. I figured choosing one day to blog every week would help me become more consistent with updating. :)

With that being said... stayyy tune for a blog post next Tuesday! ;)