Hidden Gems

Hey guys!!!!! ✨  I can't believe I haven't update this thing in two weeks. I'm so sorry!!! I've just been here working away on school stuff and juggling two part-time jobs!

Besides that, I've also been jogging a lot during my spare time. I used to jog because I wanted to be "healthy" and "fit," but now I realized that it really helps me with my posture, clear my thoughts and sleep better!

I decided to take a little break from my studying tonight to pop in and give you guys an update, before I fall even more behind on my postings. I have so many exciting things to share and so many exciting things coming up!!!! 😀

But first, let's rewind back to the beginning of this month. I've been wanting to check out this beautiful temple near my house for the longest time.

Daniel and I finally found time to go and we were gawking at every corner of this monument. It's such a hidden gem in this city. I shared a few photos on my Snapchat story and a lot of my friends thought I ran away to India. I wish!!! 😂

Since the weather looked promising and this was the only weekend that Daniel didn't have frisbee tournaments, we decided to make it a jam-packed day. After we devoured Indian food, we drove up to Caledon to go hiking!

Well, to be honest, we just wanted to see the suspension bridge there. We ended up not hiking much because we didn't realize how early the place closed, but we DID get to fly Daniel's drone around and eat a double scoop of ice cream.. which is even better in my books!!! LOL

Our three year anniversary is coming up this week and my sister is due at any moment!!!! It's gonna be hell of a good month! 💛✨🌻

The Other Day

I totally forgot to blog about this!!!! So at the end of summer, Daniel and I usually go on a weekend getaway, like to Niagara Falls or Montreal!

This year, we were thinking of going to Prince Edward County or Tobermory, but had no luck with finding an Airbnb or hotel for the dates that we wanted.

We still wanted to do something exciting during the Labour Day weekend though. As I was looking through our "❤️ LIST OF DATE IDEAS ❤️" on my phone, I realized that we still haven't checked out the zoo!!!

We've been meaning to go here all summer, but had to postpone it many times due to the weather or a scheduling conflict. I was so excited when we finally found a day that worked for the both of us!!!

We got really lucky and received complimentary admission tickets from the place we used to work at! This was also the place where we met each other for the first time!!! 😄

I visited the zoo four years ago with my best friend, Joy! Daniel couldn't recall if he has ever been, but I feel like he hasn't. He was literally in awe at everything he saw! So cute! 😄

It's always so much fun checking out tourist attractions with him because he gets so excited with his camera. 😄

My mom is totally convinced that we're meant for each other because we're both photo fanatics and a kid at heart. But honestly, the 12 year old me would've never thought she would meet a boy who loves taking photos, enjoys making tents in the bedroom and knows the words to High School Musical songs!!!!! ❤️😄

I came across this machine that converted nickels into souvenir coins! Since I got one from Casa Loma, I knew I had to get one here! Daniel judged me for getting one in the past, and judged me again for getting one here. GRRR!! 😢 I can't be the only one that thinks it's so cool looking?!?!

As we made our way around the zoo, we came across more machines that offered souvenir coins with different animals!!! Like are you kidding me.. I could've gotten something else besides pandas!!! Unfortunately, I had no more nickels to spare. But you already knowwww I would've been all up on that! 😄

Daniel shared a photo of the snake exhibit on his Snapchat story and one of his friends is convinced that they're fake. He took a similar photo a few years ago and they were in the exact same spot!! 😂

Since I've been to the zoo before, I had a mental list of which animals I wanted to see again! Below are a few of my favourites!!!

The panda exhibit was poppin'!!! It was so crowded that I couldn't even get close to the window. I just stuck my camera up in the air, clicked the button several times and prayed that I got something good out of it. 😂

I finally got a chance to see them up close when I viewed them from a fence on the side. It really did look like someone was wearing a panda costume because it didn't feel real witnessing them in action!

These peacocks were running around the zoo freely and kids were going crazy and chasing after them. Meanwhile, I was so scared to even go up this close for a photo. 😂

We totally underestimated how long it would take us to explore the whole place. We weren't able to see everything, but that's okay!!!

That only means we gotta come back another time together!!!!!! 😀

Someone's Pregnant!

I've mentioned a few months ago that I was busy making invitations for my sister's event. Those invites were actually for her baby shower! Yessss, you read that right. My sister isn't fat, she's PREGNANT guys!!!!!!!!

In just a couple of weeks, I'm going to be an AUNTIE!!!! I've been waiting for this announcement from her for so long. I even talked about it in a blog post four years ago about how much I wanted Ryan and her to give me a niece. I don't think my heart will be able to handle all of this cuteness!!!

I was so ecstatic when my sister told me that I could plan her baby shower for her! At the same time, I had no idea where to even start. Since I've never planned such a thing before, I had to call in a crew to help me out! I enlisted her hubby, Ryan, and two good friends, Ellie and Diana.

It took us two months to pull it all together, but it was so worth it to see my sister go speechless when she entered the room!

I made a small request on the invites and asked everyone to bring in a new (or well-loved) book, instead of a card, for the baby. With over 80 guests in attendance, the turnout was unbelievable!

I wish I had gotten more photos of the decor and people mingling and eating, but I got busy with hosting the games and making sure everyone was entertained. 😅

Speaking of games, I really wanted to include ones that everyone could play! I threw in the classics, like the Baby Bottle Drinking Race, Bingo, Guess the Number of Candies in the Baby Bottle, Guess the Size of the Mommy's Tummy and the Blindfolded Diaper Challenge!

I also introduced a new game, that I found through Pinterest, called, Tinkle in a Pot! People had to stuff a balloon under their shirt and squeeze a ping pong ball between their legs. The goal of the game was to wobble to a jar and be the first person to drop a ping pong ball in. The winner of the game discovered a loophole and jumped, instead of walked, to the finish line. We were all speechless!!! Like what the hell bruhhhhhh. 😂

I also wanted to have prizes that worked for all ages, so I knew gift cards were the way to go!

Since I couldn't participate in any of them, I encouraged Daniel to play and to try to win a three month Netflix subscription, an Uber ride and/or a Cineplex pass for me. I mean, us. The only thing this boy can win is my heart, but other than that, he won nuttin!!!!! GRRRrr!!

Besides bringing a book, I had also asked everyone to decorate wooden blocks, so that the baby could have her own alphabet set!

Although I didn't get to capture that many candid moments during the event, I made sure I took photos of people posing with my sister in front of the backdrop! The venue had beautiful large windows, which made it the perfect set-up for the photoshoot. Everyone was literally glowing!!! 😍

My sister bought these adorable succulents as favours for everyone. I was so tempted to take at least five of them with me, until my sister surprised me with my very own terrarium!!!!! If you've followed my blog for many years now, you would probably remember how I killed my cactus. You can rest assured that I have learned my lesson and won't be overwatering it again! 😄

I want to thank Ellie, Diana and Ryan for all of their help in planning this whole thing! I also want to acknowledge and thank my sister's friends who came in early to help us set up and my cousin, Linda, for supplying me with dolls for one of the games! This whole thing wouldn't have been successful without you guys!!!

It still feels so unreal to know that our family will be expanding. I really don't think you guys are ready for all of the blog posts featuring this kid! Just one more month to go!!!!!!! ✨