Hey guys!!!!! ✨  I can't believe I haven't update this thing in two weeks. I'm so sorry!!! I've just been here working away on school stuff and juggling two part-time jobs!

Besides that, I've also been jogging a lot during my spare time. I used to jog because I wanted to be "healthy" and "fit," but now I realized that it really helps me with my posture, clear my thoughts and sleep better!

I decided to take a little break from my studying tonight to pop in and give you guys an update, before I fall even more behind on my postings. I have so many exciting things to share and so many exciting things coming up!!!! 😀

But first, let's rewind back to the beginning of this month. I've been wanting to check out this beautiful temple near my house for the longest time.

Daniel and I finally found time to go and we were gawking at every corner of this monument. It's such a hidden gem in this city. I shared a few photos on my Snapchat story and a lot of my friends thought I ran away to India. I wish!!! 😂

Since the weather looked promising and this was the only weekend that Daniel didn't have frisbee tournaments, we decided to make it a jam-packed day. After we devoured Indian food, we drove up to Caledon to go hiking!

Well, to be honest, we just wanted to see the suspension bridge there. We ended up not hiking much because we didn't realize how early the place closed, but we DID get to fly Daniel's drone around and eat a double scoop of ice cream.. which is even better in my books!!! LOL

Our three year anniversary is coming up this week and my sister is due at any moment!!!! It's gonna be hell of a good month! 💛✨🌻