Pursuit OCR

Last week, Daniel and I did a double date with Alpha and Dillon at Pursuit OCR! This indoor obstacle course used to be located downtown, but now they opened a bigger location that's 10 minutes away from me! 

Alpha and I quickly realized that a lot of things required upper body strength, which we both agreed we didn't have.

Our boyfriends were super encouraging though and made sure we tried the monkey bars and hanging rings, instead of just falling into the foam blocks right away. I'm not even going to lie, my arms were sore for the past two days from all of this. LOL

I actually first heard about this place through BlogTO, so I had an idea what to expect. I was particularly looking forward to the giant ball pit and the tricycles.

The ball pit turned out to be the most tiring obstacle! It took Alpha and I a good 10 minutes to get out of there after we jumped in. I gave up at one point and told her to just go on without me and keep my camera. She was like, "NO CINDY!!!" LOL 

Sucha great friend!

There was also this sloped wall that Daniel and Dillon couldn't get enough of. Daniel was so salty that I didn't record him making to the top, since it took him almost 10 tries. Oops! LOL

Cindy Goes to Iceland! (2/2)

When we drove to the south of Iceland, we definitely noticed a contrast between the top and bottom half of the country. We saw less mountains (that look like they should be on a Toblerone package) and more waterfalls!

For the remaining days of our trip, we went on slippery hikes, visited many places where Game of Thrones was filmed, touched glaciers (or "diamonds"), stood at the bottom of waterfalls and stepped foot on a black sand beach! CUE THE PHOTOS!

The black sand beach was definitely my aesthetic! It still boggles my mind that sucha thing exists. I always thought people photoshopped these images on Tumblr!

We also experienced a windstorm that left us stuck in this city for the entire day. The main highway was closed, which meant we didn't do five things on our itinerary. I didn't want us to waste the whole day by sitting inside a café, so I tried searching online for something we can do.

I stumbled upon an ice cave tour! Just our luck, we were able to sign up for it 10 minutes before it started! This day turned out way better than we've expected and we agreed that this excursion was definitely a highlight of our trip!

We couldn't leave Iceland without doing the classic Blue Lagoon. It was such a great way to end our final day! We bathe, sipped on smoothies, did the face mask and died in the sauna. I'm a mouth breather and it just felt gross knowing that I was inhaling everyone's toxins! LOL

Iceland exceeded my expectations! I feel like there is still so much to see and I only got a taste of it. I would definitely love to visit this place again with Daniel.

Speaking of him, I'm so glad I got to experience it with him. He was the best companion during the 14 hour drive. I feel like I could just talk to him forever and ever. IS THIS WHAT LOVE IS? When you don't run out of things to talk about? When you feel like a week together is still not enough?!?!

Cindy Goes to Iceland! (1/2)

If you told me that I was going to visit Iceland with Daniel this year and witness the northern lights, I would've just laughed! I really thought this was a far-fetched idea, until Daniel found an amazing flight deal back in October and we thought, “Why not?!”

Next thing you know, we asked our bosses for time off and booked our flights the very next day! I didn't take a break after I graduated, so all of my friends and co-workers were excited for me to finally take a vacation! So sweet!

It really didn't sink in that we were in Iceland, until Daniel bought a hotdog in their airport. They sell the same kind of hot dog all over Iceland, and Daniel bought one every time he saw it at the gas station.

I was actually surprised by the food in Iceland! We understood that the prices were the way that they were because of import fees. We didn't expect the food to be good though. More often than not, we were able to justify the prices we were paying.

Speaking of food, I just remembered an encounter we had with this guy we bought waffles from. He asked us where we were from and after we told him, he said Canadians are so nice. Every time I hear that, I feel like I have to live up to this reputation, by either tipping them more or apologizing for everything!!! He also praised us for making weed legal and joked about moving to Canada. I couldn't believe that this side of the world knew about this?!? LOL

We rented a car in Iceland, instead of doing a tour, because we wanted to explore everything at our own pace. We eventually realized that we really couldn't because we were competing with daylight here!

Since it's the wintertime, they only have four to five hours of daylight! I thought this was just an exaggeration, but I was shocked when the sun started setting at 1:30pm! By 3:00pm, it was dark. If we didn't use an alarm clock, I have no idea how we would've woken up before noon.

In Iceland, they have this one main road, called the Ring Road, that goes all the way around the island. Most people start the drive counter-clockwise to see the attractions, but we decided to go clockwise, because... YO I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY.

In other words, we spent our first few days in the top half of Iceland and it was just jaw dropping. It felt like we were inside a painting. We watched the sun rise and set behind the mountains, saw the northern lights on our second day and witnessed geysers in action!

Ok, Daniel didn't get to witness anything because he wanted to take photos of me. I guess that means we have to make another visit to Iceland, which I don't mind! LOL

I'm so excited to share more photos from our trip tomorrow!!! I promise there's going to be lesser mountain photos.

It Was a Lit Place

One of the things I really wanted to check out this winter break was the Aurora Winter Festival at Ontario Place!

I asked my childhood bestie, Thiya, if she wanted to join me because I knew she would be just as excited as I was to see their massive light display! We first had dinner at my new favourite pizza joint, Virtuous Pie. (You gotta try their Stranger Wings pizza!)

We knew we arrived at the right place when we saw twinkling lights from afar. I was in awe when I saw their light tunnel. Since there were so many people inside, we decided to just take photos outside of it! These outtakes were just too funny not to include. LOL

In terms of their other attractions, they also had a skating rink, a mini amusement park, a market place and a bunch of food trucks! Once our toes and fingers started to get numb, we took it as a cue to get going.

Despite the cold weather, we definitely want to make this an annual tradition! ☺️ For those who are interested, the festival is running until this Sunday! I recommend bringing gloves and going on a weekday to save money on tickets.

I'm super excited to publish tomorrow's post!!! I'm finally going to share photos from mine and Daniel's vacation!