I'm so !@#$%^& happy that today for my homework we have to do an essay and this essay is gonna be the last essay for this year!!!  I signed yearbooks again today and people signed mines! Ifrah's message was sooo sweet, I always thought she hated me for some reason! Hahaha :-) "CINDY ♥ friends are like a box of chocolates, u search really hard for the good ones well guess what i've been finding really hard to find a person like you ♥ iffy" I was going to cry when I read Subie's message: "Cindy... you know how I say everyday you surprise me. Well you do. I will miss your huge smile and funny laugh. And I will be sure to call you in highs chool. 2 years passed by so fast. I will miss our awkward moment, foolish argument, our long walks home, and how you scream for no reason. I guess the last surprise you can give me is you leaving. love you bestfriend xoxo ♥ SUBIE"