Kahiye and I went to school early today to decorate Subie's locker for her birthday! Her actual birthday is on Wednesday but we're doing it early since we're in Montreal on that day. She was so surprised and loved it! :-) The talent show was so good! There was one performance that stood out from the rest, these two guys doing break dancing, amazing!  It's too bad I got no pictures, it's all in my memory! Oh well, I got lots of pictures outside at lunch though! :-)

We tried to do jumping pictures but we failed! Hehehe :-)

We soon got it though!!!

After lunch, it was the dance! The last school dance of 2009 and the last school dance for me ever, since my high school has no school dances! My voice was hurting, my feet were hurting, my hair was sticky and my back was sweating, ew! It was all worth it though!!! :-) After that, Subie came over my house! We played on my Wii, played in my backyard, ate cookies and took cute pictures! :-)

That's it for today, I gotta go get packing for Montreal tomorrow! I won't be blogging for two days but I'll have so much to blog about when I come back! Hehehe :-) Bye bye!