I'm back from Montreal!!! :-) I came back last night and it was so much fun! It was more fun than I expected actually! I took about 200 pictures but I'll just upload a few!

We visited a museum

and then check in at Holiday Inn! We went to eat after that and then


we went to the Labyrinthe!

We weren't allowed to take any photos inside the maze though! It was still so much fun, other than getting whipped in the face with those seatbelt strips that hung above the doors! After the maze, we took a long walk back to the hotel!

When we arrived, Kayla wanted to shower first. While she was showering, Sara and I had some fun with my camera... :-)

After Kayla was done, Kayla and I had some fun with the camera! :-)

After all of us were done, we all had some fun with the camera! Hahaha :-)

We did each other's hair, watched TV, jumped on the beds, ate lots of candy and played truth or dare!

The next morning, we ate breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe! The food was very yummy.

After that, we went to the Imax theater! :-)

I wish we could've kept the glasses, it could've added to my glasses collection! Hahaha :-) We went sight seeing around old Montreal after!

We visited some beautiful banks!

We went to get lunch after and we were allowed to go around by ourselves to look at stuff and buy souvenirs. I bought magnets, bracelets,and a caricature of myself!!! :-)

This guy was so nice and amazing!

My friends were cracking up at the drawing, especially at the size of the boobs he drew for me! After lunch, we visited the Notre Dame - it was so beautiful!!!

After visiting the church, we went back to our hotel to get ready for the dinner and the dance! :-)

Our room was messy after we finished! The dinner and dance was fun! We went back to the hotel after and we all fell asleep so early ...on our last night there! In the morning, we had to pack up and leave. :-( We ate at Chez Cora for breakfast, the food was yummy!


We visited the Biodome after and I bought a lot of souvenirs for my family there! :-)

After the Biodome, we went up the world's tallest inclined tower!!!

We left for home after that! The bus ride was fun, we watched Transformers, but I slept through most of the movie, meanwhile Kahiye and Mike were watching me sleep! Kahiye was playing with his snake that he got in Montreal... he loves it so much... Hahaha :-)

That's basically everything we did in Montreal, I had so much fun!!! :-)
Today's the last day of school! We got our report cards and I got the same average for three terms - 86%! Gosh, it felt like any other day today! Now I'm thinking of it... no more walking home with Subie and Kahiye, no more sitting at the field, no more slushies after school, no more going to school early to see my friends sitting there waiting for me, no more phone calls from Ikran and Subie... basically everything is over! I can still remember the first day of school!!! We had graduation rehearsal today! I'm going to cry so much since I'll be going to a different high school than most of my friends! Gosh, we took so little photos today!!!

Graduation is on Monday!!!